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Disagrees with tone of Baptist Press article


I am dismayed that you would violate journalistic ethics by running the item on the retirement of (Memphis, Tenn. pastor) Adrian Rogers in your Sept. 23 issue wherein an editorial opinion is contained in a news item.

The phrase "back to its biblical and historical roots" within itself is an opinion. Further, it contains another opinion that the Convention had ever left "its biblical and historical roots."

The caption with the accompanying picture handled the matter in a more ethical manner by using the phrase "is credited as being instrumental."

Editor's Note: We regret that you disagree with the Baptist Press article in our recent issue. Unfortunately few if any, publications operate with total journalistic objectivity. Whether it openly admits it or not, every newspaper, radio, television outlet, and news service has a bias in keeping with the goals of its publisher. That's why there are so many accounts of the same story.

The Christian Index is owned and operated by the Executive Committee of the Georgia Baptist Convention, which serves as its publisher.

Other Baptist publications with different publishers would have reported the story from a different perspective, which also would have compromised journalistic ethics in being totally fair and balanced.

The best way to receive both sides of any story, whether in the denominational or secular realm, is to be well-read from several sources.