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Those who experienced the 1904 Revival...


Those who experienced the 1904 Revival... as adults died about 40 years ago and their children died as recently as five years ago. But the memory of those early years of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit has been passed down to the current generation of grandchildren who are now in their early 80s. The following interviews provide a glimpse into Wales at the turn of the last century as descendents of those early converts share what they were told by their parents and grandparents.


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Oswald Penry - Brigend, Wales
Three of his uncles and two of his aunts were converted during the revival.

Eiddwen Price - Loughor, Wales
Her grandparents were in their 30's during the revival. Her grandmother gave her the gold cross that she still wears around her neck.

Margaret Edwards - Loughor, Wales
Her mother was 8 years old when her mother (Edwards' grandmother) took her to the meetings where the revival first began.