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Oswald Penry - Brigend, Wales


Joe Westbury

Oswald Penry sits in the room at Moriah Calvinistic Methodist Chapel where the revival broke out on Oct. 31, 1904. At the turn of the last century, Oct. 31 was not associated with Halloween. While the revival began in the room as a prayer meeting with young people it quickly moved to the larger sanctuary next door.

I remember my uncles telling me that large groups of people who had never attended worship services packed the chapel (church) in Brynteg, which was the second congregation to be affected by the revival. For weeks the sanctuary remained full until the early morning hours, even though services were unannounced.

People were falling on their knees, crying out for salvation, confessing their sins and singing. A policeman came in to see what was happening and was converted. Colliers (miners) going to their morning shift would comment on seeing the lights still on at 5 a.m. as the service continued through the night.

Several of the meetings at Moriah Chapel (church) in Loughor, where the revival began, did not end until or 4 a.m. because of the crowds of people who refused to go home; they were that hungry to hear the gospel preached and to listen to the testimonies of those who had been saved.


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