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Eiddwen Price - Loughor, Wales


Joe Westbury

Eiddwen Price

My grandmother, who died in 1941 at the age of 90, said it was a lovely time to be alive. It was a time when life was as the Almighty meant for it to be.

I remember very clearly one story that she told my mother, and it was reported in several of the newspapers. She was attending one of the spontaneous afternoon meetings at Moriah when some colliers (coal miners) entered the sanctuary and walked right down to the front and were converted. Their story was amazing, because they had been drinking at the Cross Keys pub next door to the church and God intervened as they left their table.

They said that after they left the pub they passed by the church and entered the open field across the street to begin their walk home. After they were about halfway into the field they suddenly stopped, looked at each other for a moment without speaking a word, turned around and walked back to the church. They walked down to the front during the service and got down on their knees and asked to be saved. They said they felt such a strong power coming out of the church which they could not ignore. They knew they needed Jesus.


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