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Accept the Call


Exodus 3:1-6, 4:1-12
Family Bible Studies for Life, Nov 6


Everyone the Lord has made and put on this earth is valuable to Him. It is a fact that if He made us He has a purpose for our life.

Moses was a man just like us. You will notice in Scripture that he was about the task of daily living – tending the sheep for his father-in-law, Jethro. Moses had killed an Egyptian in defense of an Israelite. To some this would seem like a failure but the Lord had still came after him some 40 years later, seeking to call this man for His purpose.

The Lord is still calling men and women today. Would you be willing to accept and follow the Lord’s call upon your life?


Encounter God’s presence - Exodus 3:1-6

In caring for his father-in-law’s sheep, Moses was moved to a place called Horeb, which means “desolate place” and another name for Sinai (Ex. 19:1-2, Dt. 1:6). Here, Moses experiences a most unusual personal encounter with God.

One fact is certain: all believers do not have the same calling or vocation. Above all things in our life, we should be sensitive to the experience when the Lord marks us for a distinct purpose.

The Lord appears to him in a burning bush; the bush burns but is not consumed. As we visit and discover this Scripture many questions come to our mind about our own calling and purpose before the Lord.

One fact is certain: All believers do not have the same calling or vocation. Above all things in our life, we should be sensitive to the experience when the Lord marks us for a distinct purpose.

Have you noticed our calling and affirmation of God’s leadership, like the calling He gave Moses in a desolate place? It can be at the most inopportune time. One the great errors of the Church today is not seeking and listening to God’s call.

The best way to be a vibrant and productive Christian is to be affirmed of our call and the Lord’s provision for us in it. Henry Blackaby calls this experience a “crisis of belief.” The Lord called on Moses and then defines and begins enabling him for His purpose. One thing most of all, mankind needs to understand that the Lord desires a relationship with each of us and wants to commune and have fellowship with us.


Understand God’s name - Exodus 3:10-15

Have you ever heard the expression “it’s all in the name”? The Lord had called Moses to a specific task. Like all of us who would face the same request of God, Moses wanted the authority needed to accomplish the mission.

Moses’ authority was in the Lord’s name. Moses asked the name of God. The response was “I AM WHO I AM.” Moses was to specifically respond to the children of Israel that “I AM hath sent me to you.”

When God calls us He does not leave us alone. This is affirmed so much by those who have been called in Scripture. When we know God personally, we can affirm His name and His power.

One of the great experiences of every Christian is to be able to affirm the work of the Lord in our lives. This begins with a relationship established through our own personal faith placed in Him.

It is the belief of many Christian leaders that this is the reason many so-called believers are not committed to the Lord. They have not had this personal experience. This is a terrible thought but it could be true.


Depend on God’s power - Exodus 4:10-12

Sometimes the Lord hears more excuses than anything else. Moses was not an exception to this fact.

After the Lord sets the stage for his mission, Moses states his problem. His speech is not adequate. Truth is, all of us have inadequacies.

Have you ever noticed the Lord uses us in spite of our inabilities? And then He equips and enhances us to meet the challenge?

The real lesson to be learned is this is the only way we can be used of the Lord. When we are weak, he is strong. When we admit our weakness and failure, then He can work through us.

A question we all may want to ask ourselves is “How is the Lord working through me?” Am I a willing surrendered vessel placed in His hands? Truth is, the Lord can do all things without us, but He gives us the wonderful privilege to be a part of His glorious work.

There is nothing more exciting this side of heaven than to be called by the Lord and to seek to accomplish the task He has called us to. One of the saddest things in life is to find someone who was called that failed to submit to the Lord and follow his call.

If the Lord is calling you, then respond with an affirmative voice. The chorus of this song will ask us this most important question.

Where will you be on tomorrow’s sun?

Where will you be when the day is done?

What is your plan? What is your goal?

Let Jesus make plans with you.

~ Colbert and Joyce Croft