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GBC Task Force proposing 5 Smooth Stones


LAWRENCEVILLE — Frank Cox, chairman of the Georgia Baptist Convention Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, has announced that Georgia Baptists can expect a visionary report from the committee that will indicate where the state convention must go in the future.

Cox told The Index, “The Great Commission is the centerpiece of our Task Force report. As Georgia Baptists face the looming reality of 8.1 million unchurched people in Georgia by 2020, the Task Force – along with GBC Executive Director J. Robert White – has developed a strategy for pushing back the lostness in every city, town, village and metro area in our state.

“For two years the GBC Task Force has been carrying out its responsibility of studying our Convention,” Cox continued. “It has been tedious at times and exhilarating at others.

“We have listened intently to our Convention staff and leadership as they have shared in a transparent way the strengths and weaknesses of our Convention from their perspective. It has been a journey where probing questions have been asked and very open and direct discussion has taken place.”

Cox added, “While the Task Force is bringing largely a visionary report and recommendation for the Convention’s adoption, the direct implementation will be the responsibility of Dr. White and his staff. It is a vision that all can rally around and work together to have maximum impact with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

At the November 2009 GBC annual session at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, then-President Bucky Kennedy, pastor of First Baptist Church in Vidalia, named the eight-member committee assigned with the responsibility examining how Georgia Baptists could be more effective in their efforts to share the Gospel with those in Georgia.

The Task Force has suggested that there are “five smooth stones” Georgia Baptists must pick up if the Goliath of lostness is to be conquered. The five smooth stones include: (1) Spiritual Renewal, (2) Kingdom Generosity, (3) Church Revitalization, (4) Church Planting, and (5) Authentic Evangelism.

When David picked up five smooth stones as his ammunition (one for Goliath and one for each of Goliath’s four brothers if they came to his defense) from the riverbed of Elah, he was demonstrating great faith. He rejected the armor of Saul and went forth in the name of the Lord to face the formidable foe and defeat him.

The GBC Task Force seems to understand the daunting mission that lies ahead and their report should be welcomed with prayer and affirmation.