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Changing SBC name


A friend of mine down here in south Georgia had a beautiful Hampshire hog that he intended to take to the livestock show in Perry. The hog was a good-looking hog but the curl on its tail didnít look just right. Someone suggested to my friend that the curl on the pigís tail didnít look just right.

Someone suggested that the curl was even offensive to some folk so my friend came up with a solution. He cut the curl off and replaced it with a pretty pink ribbon.

Finally the big day came and he carried the pig to the show Ė pink ribbon and all. Surely, he thought, he would get first place. Besides, no one would be offended because the ugly curl had been removed and replaced with a pretty pink ribbon.

Well, the pig looked good but didnít even place among the winners. My friend was disappointed and reminded by the judge that the curl was not what counted Ė rather, it was the pork in the pig that really mattered.

I suspect the same may be true with a name change for our Convention. Itís not the curl on the name but itís the pork in the church that needs improvement.