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The answers really are in Genesis



Ken Ham stands beside a replica of a Utahraptor at the Creation Museum located near Cincinnati, OH. Ham is the president/CEO of Answers in Genesis USA.

CINCINNATI — The Occupy Wall Street movement that has impacted multiple cities worldwide and over 100 U.S. cities appears to be somewhat similar to the 1960s counterculture, which represented a major digression in mainstream American society.

The counterculture of the 1960s questioned the American (and largely Judeo-Christian) way of life and brought together like-minded individuals eager to transform the hegemonic and normative values that ruled the country.

The anti-conformist beliefs and rebellious attitudes during the 1960s counterculture began to be reflected in the experimentation of sex and drugs, rock music festivals, the urgency to travel and the anti-war sentiment.

O.S. Hawkins, CEO of Guidestone Financial Resources, in his book “The Joshua Principle,” writes about the 1960s and states, “We became more introspective in our worldview. It began to be reflected in the music of the day. Peter, Paul and Mary sang, ‘The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.’

“Suddenly our introspection revealed that the simple answers we thought we held were now questioned. Our worldview began to subtly change. For many, the answers to life’s questions which they thought they held seemed to be ‘blowing in the wind.’”

Today, with the growing number of people rejecting the concept of absolute truth and secular society’s insistence on ‘evolutionizing’ as many people as possible, the answers to life’s questions are ‘blowing in the wind’ more than ever, but that need not be the case. Why? Because the answers are in Genesis.

Ken Ham, president/CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis (AiG), contends that Genesis 1-11 is foundational to the rest of the Bible. He stated, “We must start with Genesis if we are going to teach God’s people how to defend the faith in this age of unbelief and skepticism.”

Ham is convinced that if one wants to understand the doctrines of God’s Word, Genesis is the place to start. He also asserts that the best way to build a biblical worldview is to start in Genesis.

Ham, an Australian by birth, moved to the U.S. in 1987 and has become one of the most in-demand Christian conference speakers and radio talk-show guests in the nation. He co-founded AiG in 1994 with the purpose of upholding the authority of the Bible from the very first verse.



When Noah built the Ark, it stood as a symbol of salvation. Answers in Genesis plans to build an Ark Encounter with the first stage to be completed in 2014.

The Creation Museum

AiG is the sponsor of the Creation Museum near Cincinnati in northern Kentucky and the guiding partner in the upcoming Ark Encounter ( historical theme park, with a full-size Noah’s Ark being the centerpiece.

The Creation Museum is a 75,000-square-foot facility that offers the visitor a high-tech, multimedia experience that shows how science confirms the Bible’s account of history.

The museum is complete with 150 exhibits (many with lifelike animatronic features) taking the guest through the “7 Cs of History” that are foundational to the Bible’s message. The 7 Cs are: creation, corruption, catastrophe, confusion, Christ, the cross and the consummation.

One exhibit features the first Adam in the Garden of Eden surrounded by animals. Next to the Adam of Eden, the federal head of the human race, is a lamb representing the second Adam, the Adam through whom our redemption is made possible.

The museum also includes a 225-seat Special Effects Theater that offers guests a visual thrill ride through the major events of biblical history. Guests will experience over 6,000 years of biblical history with the aid of stunning visual effects including videos, slides, dioramas, animated figures, riveting music, sound effects and sensory experiences that will be sure to surprise the audience and keep everyone immersed in the story.

Gerald Harris

The entrance to the AIG headquarters and Creation Museum is inviting and promises the visitor an informative and inspiring journey through Bible history.

Well-known astrophysicist Jason Lisle designs the programs for the Creation Museum’s planetarium. He likes to cite Psalm 8:3, where the psalmist David wrote, “When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou has ordained; what is man, that thou art mindful of him, and the son of man, that thou visitest him?”

Lisle presents the truths of Psalm 8:3 with a stunning perspective that combines eye-popping images and state-of-the-art animation with faith-affirming facts from science and Scripture. The awe-inspiring planetarium show on Oct. 13 revealed amazing facts about the immensity of our universe while exalting God as Creator.

The Creation Museum with all its exhibits and theaters provides a faith-strengthening chronological walk through history that is both informative and inspirational. More than 1.5 million guests have visited the Creation Museum since it opened in 2007.

One woman who visited the museum with her family explained, “During the months since our visit to the museum, my husband has been transformed! He has learned so much about the truth and authority of Scripture. He has even started witnessing to lost souls with the knowledge he has received from AiG.

“Answers in Genesis is the miracle tool God is using to change our family’s focus to the eternal! I think my most favorite thing about AiG is that it always points to the Word.”



The Creation Museum provides families with an adventurous walk through Bible history.

The Ark Encounter

The next major project for Ham and AiG is the Ark Encounter. Plans are underway to construct a full-scale Ark according to the biblical dimensions. This massive Ark will be used as a modern-day illustration to help people accept the Bible as true history and present the Gospel.


Fox News reported on April 27, 2010 that wooden remains of Noah’s Ark had been discovered on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey. A group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers claimed that carbon dating proved the relics to be 4,800 years old. Mount Ararat has long been suspected as the final resting place of the craft by evangelicals and literalists hoping to validate the biblical account of the flood recorded in Genesis 9.

While the explorers insisted that they were 99.9 percent sure they had found the remains of Noah’s Ark, some skeptics suggested that it was a hoax.

For his part, Ham stated, “You know, even if Noah’s Ark were to be found somewhere on the mountains of Ararat, how many people would ever be able to visit its remains (assuming some of the Ark still exists)? Not many. Yet the Ark is a topic of great fascination today as a 2009 poll revealed.”

An article in a Vanity Fair online survey revealed that the discovery of Noah’s Ark would please far more people than the discovery of Atlantis, Amelia Earhart’s plane, Nixon’s lost tapes or Cleopatra’s barge.

Gerald Harris/Index

Isaiah, Moses, and David are among the biblical personalities to be seen in the Creation Museum.

Vanity Fair explained, “Noah’s Ark continues to capture the imagination of the general public, and its interest spans all social, religious, and economic segments. The Ark and the Flood is one of the few historical events which are well known in the worldwide global circle.”

The ark Ham envisions would become the largest timber-frame structure in the U.S. Because two national U.S. studies indicated that the Ark Encounter will attract up to 14,000 guests on certain days and an average of 8,000 guests a day during the summer, creating long lines to enter the Ark, even more attractions are now a part of the master plan.

The Ark Encounter will be family-oriented and (in stages) include a replica of the Tower of Babel; a Walled City; a first-century Middle Eastern village; a journey in history from Abraham to the parting of the Red Sea; a walk through aviary, live entertainment; a children’s adventure area, petting zoo and animal shows; many themed restaurants; creative food outposts; shopping; ample parking; and other special features to help spread out the anticipated crowds.

While the grand opening for stage one of the Ark Encounter (the Ark itself) is not scheduled until 2014, the interest in this massive project is growing exponentially. For believers, the Ark Encounter is especially exciting because the Ark is a symbol of salvation. The Scripture tells us that Noah preached that only those who went through the Ark’s door would be saved from coming judgment.

Similarly, Christians understand that Jesus is the door to eternal life. Christ said, “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and go in and out, and find pasture” (John 10:9).


Gerald Harris/Index

Answers in Genesis explains that God made dinosaurs on Day 6 of creation week and that they are only a mystery if you accept the evolutionary story of history.

AiG resources

Jason Nave, Georgia Baptist and former staff member of Blackshear Place Baptist Church in Flowery Branch, now works in the office of advancement for AiG. He recently stated, “Answers in Genesis has a staff of writers that is incredible. They produce biblically based resources that are of the highest quality and the amount of material they produce is unbelievable.”

AiG’s curriculum includes full featured Sunday school lessons for all ages, Vacation Bible School curricula, homeschool curricula, study guides, online courses, newsletters, books, devotions, DVDs, CDs, materials on apologetics, Answers (a new Bible-affirming, creation-based magazine), and an array of materials that are designed to connect the Bible with the real world.

The Answers in Genesis website (, which provides information about these resources as well as details about the museum and the Ark Encounter, had over 17 million visitors last year. It is one of the most-trafficked Christian websites in the world.

Interestingly, a few years ago a video crew arranged to visit the Creation Museum, calling themselves First Word Productions. At the end of their tour they wanted to interview AiG’s founder and CEO.

Under the pretext of needing to talk to Mark Looy of AiG, who supervises and approves such visits, one of the crew distracted Looy – then, without permission, without registering with AiG security as they knew was required, and with one of the crew distracting another AiG employee and shutting the door, they sneaked TV commentator Bill Maher into the building to conduct the video interview with Ham. (Maher regards himself as an apatheist or someone who considers the question of the existence of God as neither meaningful nor relevant to his life.)

Gerald Harris/Index

Jason Nave, formerly on staff at Blackshear Place Baptist Church in Flowery Branch, is now working to connect AiG’s ministry to Southern Baptists.

Ham reported, “Maher did interview me; although respectful in one sense, most of his questions were just mocking attacks on God’s Word.”

Ham responded to Maher’s questions with straightforward biblical answers. At one point one of Maher’s producers became exasperated with Ham’s quick and thorough answers and asked, “Do you have an answer for everything?”

To those who know Ham, his thoughtful responses would not have been a surprise, because he is one of Christianity’s foremost apologists – a man who has dedicated himself to helping people take a faith-building look at the Bible.

In an interview with The Christian Index, Ham remarked, “We need to stand boldly and uncompromisingly on God’s Word and pass that on to the next generation so that it can be perpetuated for years to come.”

Ham added, “What kind of legacy are we leaving to our children? We are losing 2/3 of the next generation in our churches because we doubt ‘the Book.’ Many conservative leaders have succumbed to the Genesis 3 attack, where Satan asks, ‘Did God really say?’

“Where England is today America will be tomorrow unless we stand uncompromisingly on the Bible beginning with the first book.”

In order to strengthen your personal understanding of God’s Word, consider Answers in Genesis. The answers are not blowing in the wind with Ken Ham and his biblical authority ministry.

Gerald Harris/Index

Answers in Genesis shows in a convincing presentation that God’s Word trumps human reasoning and that the doctrine of creation will always win over the theory of evolution.

Gerald Harris/Index

A collection of bright and beautiful butterflies is kept at the AiG museum.