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Issue Date: 2006-09-28
Volume: 185
Number: 20


NBC chooses family values over spiritual values in VeggieTales Saturday morning line-up
Network slices and dices VeggieTales

Madonna mocking God on a cross might be OK for television viewers, but a talking tomato affirming faith in God might be pushing the envelope.
Blackshear Place baptizes 189 souls in 109 days

As reported in the Sept. 14 issue of The Christian Index, Blackshear Place Baptist Church had established a goal of baptizing 100 people in 100 days. The 100 days ended Sept. 11 with the church having baptized 126 during the summer evangelistic emphasis.
Study says U.S. Christian flocks guilty of "overgrazing"
A new study surmises that among Christians in the U.S., there is a significant relationship between being religious and being obese.
A VeggieTales primer
Big Idea Productions, producer of the VeggieTales series, was founded in 1993 by Phil Vischer and soon established itself as one of the most popular computer-generated children’s series in the nation. Vischer, a committed Christian, remains the creative genius behind the series that eventually sold more than 50 million videos/DVDs trumpeting values from a Judeo-Christian point of view.
From drugs & despair, he found deliverance & discipleship

Having smoked countless joints, swallowed a Quaalude or two, and drunk noxious amounts of Everclear – a 95-percent alcohol beverage – Steve Cobb left the Saturday night party and, amazingly, drove home.
Setting apart her Sundays spared her from World Trade Center disaster

Germans divided over future of Berlin's 'Nazi church'

Normally there’s very little desire to highlight Germany’s Nazi history here.
The players in the VeggieTales saga
The VeggieTales saga is a long and complicated story that meanders through a decade of phenominal succcess with groundbreaking computer generated technology and a commitment to Judeo-Christian values. That story took a drastic turn when growth outpaced cash flow and the company found itself at the mercy of creditors and involved in lawsuits over distribution rights. It was sold at public auction in 2003 and is now owned by a privately held company in New York City.
Evangelical students puzzled by Georgetown's ban on groups on campus

Georgetown University’s cutting of ties with outside evangelical ministries has student-members of those groups puzzled about their place on campus.
See You at the Bible Study
Evangelizing of peers can be a lasting legacy of national movement, say youth leaders

Youth pastors who prepped their teens for yesterday’s annual See You at the Pole say that their work is done. Now it’s up to the students to reach their classmates.
Flesh-and-blood locals play out real life drama on the gridiron
Facing the Giants to open on 435 screens nationwide this weekend

This time, when it comes to Southern accents, Hollywood gets it right.
Executive Committee takes steps to affirm fiscal responsibility among SBC entities
The SBC Executive Committee on Sept. 19 sidestepped a motion to recommend “an administrative expense analysis” of all denominational entities, including their presidents, but did approve a number of proposed revisions to its Business and Financial Plan.
One godly teen dies; hundreds find new life

Nathan Johnson dreamed of starting a revolution for Christ.
Giants to open in 31 Georgia cities on Friday night
While Christian values are under attack on NBC, they are being affirmed in Hollywood's newest release. Believers have the opportunity to send a message to Hollywood by supporting the release Facing the Giants.
Survey shows evangelicals undercounted and unaffiliated

For years, researchers have thought the number of people unaffiliated with religion has been on the rise. But new research from Baylor University says some people who were thought to be disconnected are actually in the pews – they’re just not linked to a particular denomination.
NAMB 'unquestionably focused' on missions, Fish says

North American Mission Board interim president Roy Fish cited NAMB employees’ focus and creativity in leading Southern Baptists to evangelize “in a new century” while addressing the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee Sept. 19.
Executive Committee meets on historic day for Georgia Baptists

On Sept. 12, a host of people gathered at 6405 Sugarloaf Parkway for the dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Georgia Baptist Missions and Ministry Center. Georgia Baptist Convention Executive Director J. Robert White proclaimed, “It was truly a day to remember. I can say that I will remember it as long as I live. The participation of Governor Sonny Perdue, an outstanding Georgia Baptist, and the many other dignitaries and guests honored us and made the day a great moment in Georgia Baptist history.”
Marietta couple among 87 new IMB missionaries

Eighty-seven Southern Baptists will cover the globe as they take the gospel to 10 of the International Mission Board’s 11 administrative regions following their appointment Sept. 13 during a service at First Baptist North Spartanburg in Spartanburg, S.C.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Recommendation from the Executive Committee to amend Article VI, Section 7, of the Georgia Baptist Convention
At the Sept. 12 meeting of the Executive Committee, members approved a motion from Wayne Robertson to amend the constitution of the Georgia Baptist Convention, Article VI, Section 7. The motion was seconded and adopted. The recommendation to amend (see below) will be a part of the Report of the Executive Committee to be voted on at the annual meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

Baptist News Summary

Ten percent of SBC pastors call themselves 5-point Calvinists
While LifeWay Research found the number of Southern Baptist pastors embracing five-point Calvinism to be relatively small, it is undeniable that the conversations on Calvinism within the Southern Baptist Convention have brought renewed interest to the theological system.
Texas pastor calls for BF&M statement on tongues and private prayer language
A prominent Texas pastor is asking Southern Baptist Convention leaders to consider an amendment to the convention’s faith statement dealing with spiritual gifts, including tongues and private prayer language.
Names in the News
Faulls replaces Fox as NAMB presidential search chairman
Kansas pastor Terry Fox has resigned as chairman of the North American Mission Board’s presidential search committee.

Religious Newsbriefs

Polish churches to list names of drunk drivers?
Hoping to curb alcohol abuse, Polish officials have asked Roman Catholic churches to read the names of convicted drunk drivers from the pulpit during Mass, according to Catholic News Service.
Indian Muslim leaders issue fatwa against life insurance, call it "sort of gambling"
An influential Islamic seminary in India has issued a religious edict telling Muslims not to take out life insurance policies because they violate Islamic law as a “sort of gambling.”
Minnesota candidate poised to become first Muslim member of Congress
Minnesota lawmaker Keith Ellison won the Democratic primary for his Minneapolis-area congressional district on Sept. 12, paving the way for him to become the first Muslim in Congress.
British report: anti-Semitism is "rising tide"
Britain’s Parliament said Sept. 7 that anti-Semitism has become a part of “mainstream society” and that the nation’s 300,000 Jews are more vulnerable to attack now than they have been for a generation.

People and Places

Special Honors
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

The little red house that Baptists built

Kathe Calhoun lives in a tiny red wooden house in Bay St. Louis, Miss. If you stand at the end of her gravel driveway and look to your right, you can see the ocean.

Bible Study

Take Hold of Godliness

1 Timothy 4:6-16
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Take Hold of Contentment

1 Timothy 6:3-12, 17-19
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Try Honey

October is Clergy Appreciation Month. It is a time to honor pastors and their families for their faithful service and sacrificial dedication.
The ministry of amiable nicks

The other evening, we headed north to Milwaukee to take in a Cubs game at Miller Park, and something strange happened: The Cubs won. The evening was a joy – in a beautiful park with friendly people.
The Open Door

Not many churches can claim that they have celebrated their 200th anniversary, but White Plains Baptist Church in White Plains, Georgia can. On Sept. 13, 1806 the White Plains church was established and for two hundred years this Georgia Baptist congregation has been preaching the gospel, giving witness of their faith in Jesus Christ, and supporting missions.
Coping techniques help keep stress levels in check


Don't forget the children

Most everyone is dismayed by barrages of information about children being mistreated, kidnapped, and used in terrible ways. Sometimes I pray, “Even so, come Lord Jesus” so such evil would cease forever.