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Ken Ham

Question: Was Noah’s flood global or local?

Answer: We can actually determine that Noah’s Flood was a global catastrophe?

No person was there, of course, thousands of years ago to witness the Flood. The only way we can know for sure if this global event recorded in the Bible really occurred – and if it was a global or just local Flood – is if an eyewitness recorded what happened.

Did you know we do have an eyewitness? God had major events of history recorded for us in the Bible so we can be 100 percent sure of what truly happened.

In God’s Word, we read that Noah’s Flood was a real event. We’re told that the waters of the Flood covered “all” the high hills under “all” of heaven (Genesis 7:19). This double use of the word “all” makes it obvious the Flood was global.

The reason even some Christians don’t believe God’s Word about the Flood is because they have listened to the words of fallible men – secular scientists who believe in millions of years of earth history and reject a global Flood. Instead, Christians should heed the answers from the infallible Creator.

Question: I there a connection between evolution and abortion?

Answer: Yes! The growing influence of evolutionary ideas and an increasing acceptance of abortion have gone hand in hand. Now, some people have unfortunately misunderstood our comment as we link evolution with abortion, suggesting that Answers in Genesis is arguing that evolution is the cause of abortion. Not at all. (Furthermore, in an ultimate sense, sin is the cause of abortion.)

At the same time, there is a connection between evolution and abortion. If people believe the Bible isn’t the absolute authority in all matters – and if they think they’re just animals in evolutionary history and are not made in God’s image, and are accountable to no one but themselves – the more they will justify anything they want. That includes killing a baby in its mother’s womb.

If a person believes he is just an animal in an evolutionary struggle for survival, then in that person’s mind, a developing baby is also an animal. Just as some people get rid of stray animals by killing them, people might also say: Why not also get rid of spare children through abortion?

While evolution isn’t the cause of abortion, the more we see people rejecting the teaching of God’s Word and accepting evolution, the more they can justify abortion.

Question: I have heard that skunks have a role in the creation/evolution debate. Is that true?

Answer: When you hear the word skunk, you of course immediately think of odor. But did you know that skunks, in addition to its remarkable spraying defensive mechanism, have many marvelous design features that defy evolutionary explanation?

Skunks, for example, have exceptional eyes that allow them to see in the dark. It makes it possible for skunks to see in nearly total darkness!

Also, while skunks have the ability to breed almost any time of the year, what’s incredible is that they can delay the fertilized egg from implanting for up to 200 days. This allows the mother skunk to wait until spring to give birth. That’s a time when food is plentiful for the baby skunk, and thus their chances for survival are greater.

There is no way such design features can be accounted for on the basis of random, evolutionary processes over millions of years. That evolutionary view requires an incredible amount of faith to accept. It does not pass the smell test!

What a wonderful Creator and Provider we have! And His Word is true from the very first chapter of Genesis!