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The Open Door


"Praise God from whom all blessings flow!" For the first time in our history as a Baptist state convention, Georgia Baptists have sent more than $20,000,000 in Cooperative Program receipts on to the Southern Baptist Convention to support Southern Baptist mission work at home and around the world. The actual total of receipts recorded by the Southern Baptist Convention from October 1, 2003 through September 30, 2004 equaled $20,408,633.49. In this immediately past year as in several preceding years, Georgia Baptists led all Southern Baptists in dollar gifts to Southern Baptist causes. God is truly blessing your faithfulness.

I was thrilled to learn that last year for the first time in Southern Baptist missions' history our international missionaries participated in witnessing to and baptizing over 500,000 new believers in one year. This is a tremendous victory on the international mission field. At the same time, you are supporting our seminaries where ministers are being effectively prepared to serve Christ at home and abroad. Further, you are supporting the various agencies and operations of the Southern Baptist Convention that are so vital to our ongoing ministry. For your information, I have listed below the dollars that went from Georgia to the Southern Baptist Convention and how those dollars were distributed.

International Mission Board:		 $10,190,880.37 
North American Mission Board: 4,645,003.47
Southwestern: 1,079,310.42
Southern: 881,739.83
New Orleans: 865,723.45
Southeastern: 832,853.16
Golden Gate: 388,022.79
Midwestern: 314,047.15
Historical Library and Archives: 48,916.18
Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission: 303,688.31
Annuity Board: 154,901.41
Convention Operating: 703,546.96
Total: $20,408,633.49


I wish to express my great appreciation to all Georgia Baptists for your faithful support of missions through the Cooperative Program. You are taking seriously the Acts 1:8 challenge. In this Scripture, Jesus commanded us to be His witnesses in Jerusalem and Judea, in Samaria and unto the uttermost parts of the earth. I know of no finer way to do this than through the Cooperative Program of the Georgia and Southern Baptist Conven-tions. Wherever I go across the world and spend time with our missionaries, they consistently say to me: "Bob, when you get back home to Georgia, please express our appreciation to Georgia Baptists for their faithful gifts through the Cooperative Program. If Georgia Baptists were not giving as they are, we would not be able to be here serving Christ on the mission field."

You can take great joy in the reality that God is using your faithful support of His work in many remarkable ways across the world today. Certainly there has never been a time in history when we needed revival more than we need it now. The faithful preaching of the Gospel of Christ and witness of the church at home and overseas is absolutely essential as we do all that we can to prepare the world for the ministries of our children and grandchildren. These are critical days that require our utmost commitment.