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2012 SBC Annual Meeting Wrap Up


SBC messengers elect 1st black president
New Orleans meeting also narrowly passes descriptor

In one the most historic meetings in the Southern Baptist Convention's 167-year history, messengers meeting June 19-20 elected the body's first African American president and voted to keep the convention's name while narrowly approving a descriptor, "Great Commission Baptists," for those churches that wish to use it.
"Great Commission Baptists" descriptor
Passage of the descriptor "Great Commission Baptists" also was momentous, although the vote total was closer than some had expected.
Calvinism gets the spotlight
The issue of Calvinism also was addressed from the platform several times, with each speaker urging messengers to remain united for the Great Commission. Executive Committee President Frank Page who said he's not a Calvinist addressed each side of the debate.
In other SBC annual meeting matters:
More than 1,140 decisions for Christ were made during Crossover, the yearly evangelistic emphasis prior to each annual meeting.
Wright exhorts traditionalists & Calvinists

The "elephant in the room" in the Southern Baptist Convention is the tension between "traditional" Southern Baptists and "Calvinists," Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright said in his message to the SBC annual meeting June 19 in New Orleans.
SBC 2011 statistical realities

What will it take for the largest Protestant denomination in North America to move from decline to recovery to growth?
SBC pastors polled on Calvinism and its effect
Nearly equal numbers of pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention consider their churches as Calvinist/Reformed as do Arminian/Wesleyan, although more than 60 percent are somewhat or strongly concerned about the effect of Calvinism on the denomination, according to a new survey from LifeWay Research.
'Great Commission' descriptor gets majority vote
The descriptor "Great Commission Baptists" was approved by messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention by a vote of 53 percent to 46 percent after nearly a half-hour debate June 19 at the SBC annual meeting in New Orleans.
Nine resolutions approved
"Sinner's prayer", gay marriage receive most attention

Messengers approved nine resolutions reaffirming their convictions regarding the means of salvation and the inerrancy of Scripture while indicating their intention to continue cooperating in the Great Commission despite some theological differences.