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Issue Date: 2006-12-07
Volume: 185
Number: 25


From Georgia to the ends of the earth ... again and again

Jonathan Swift’s Lemuel Gulliver was a homebody compared to Lloyd Blackwell, who has been called by a CNN television reporter “one of the most traveled persons on earth.”
Giving thanks for renewed vision

It was one of those events made possible only because an intricate network of people were willing to step out and take a chance to help a stranger.
Missionary couple training Tuareg to a relationship with Christ

In Niger’s desert sands the Tuareg people still live in the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors, still survive where water and food are increasingly scarce, and still practice the Islamic faith passed down to them. But Tuareg now search for hope as their way of life is progressively threatened each day.
Ride for Christ raises funds for student missions

Wheels spin. Gears shift. Handlebars turn. A bike moves forward.
BGCT leaders pledge to 'rebuild trust' after alleged funds theft

The staff and executive board of the Baptist General Convention of Texas will work toward “righting the wrongs” in the Rio Grande Valley where three church-starting pastors allegedly embezzled $1.3 million from the convention over six years, Charles Wade, the Convention’s executive director, said at the BGCT annual meeting in Dallas Nov. 13.
An open statement from Cheryl Reccord

Editor’s Note: On Nov. 15 The Christian Index received an email from Cheryl Reccord, spouse of former NAMB President Bob Reccord, requesting that we publish the following statement “in its entirety – as is” without any alteration or editorial comment. We are complying with her request.

Baptist News Summary

Penn./Jersey Baptists consider restructuring
A plan to reorganize the Baptist Convention of Pennsylvania/South Jersey into a Baptist Resource Network was presented to messengers during their Nov. 2-3 annual meeting in Lancaster, Pa.
Kentucky Baptists tap younger leaders at annual meeting
Continuing a recent trend of electing younger leaders, the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s top three officers elected Nov. 14 are under 40 years of age.
Anne Davis, founding dean of Carver School of Social Work, dies
Anne Davis, founding dean of the Carver School of Social Work, which originated at Southern Seminary, died Nov. 16 in Waco, Texas. She was 69.
Alabama church ousted after female hired as associate pastor
Hillcrest Baptist Church in Mobile, Ala. was ousted Oct. 19 from the Mobile Baptist Association by a vote of 204-44 on the grounds that the church’s hiring a female associate pastor violated the association’s membership guidelines.

Religious Newsbriefs

Giants still rolling along into more theaters

Facing the Giants continues to make a national impact 10 weeks after its initial Hollywood premiere. As of early December the movie had sold nearly 1.4 million tickets and taken in $9.5 million in box office receipts.
114-year-old Bulloch County church burns, local teen arrested

A 17-year-old was charged Nov. 28 with setting a fire that destroyed the sanctuary and Sunday School space of Emit Grove Baptist Church.
Koran yes, Bible no, for swearing in ceremony
Newly-elected Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison has announced that he will not use the Bible in his swearing in ceremony, choosing instead to use the Koran. Ellison, with connections to the Nation of Islam, is the first Muslim elected to Congress.
Polygraph among Haggard restoration steps
A restoration process including family meetings and lie-detector tests will be a part of the aftermath following Ted Haggard’s admitting to acquiring – but not using – methamphetamines and seeking a massage from a male escort.

People and Places


Cooperative Program Stories

Offering of selves gives ministry to others
First Baptist Rincon named Acts 1:8 Church of the Year

Last year Bob Rogers asked members of his congregation to each put a nail in a wooden cross.

Bible Study

Jesus, God's Greatest Gift

Luke 1:26-35; 2:4-7
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Dec. 24
Love That Lasts

1 Corinthians 13:1-13
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Dec. 17


Teach facts and concepts for a well-rounded student

Why Christian Higher Education?

If you are a high school student, are the parent(s) of a high school student, are related to a high school student, teach a high school student, or know a high school student, I hope you will read this editorial.
The Open Door

It is Sunday night after Thanksgiving and I am rejoicing in the glorious times of worship that I have experienced today. As you may be aware, I preach just about every Sunday in a different Georgia Baptist church. I love doing that. It is one of the great joys of my service among Georgia Baptists.


Trusting God in the role of salvation

On the issue of Calvinism, I think we all need to come to an understanding that no matter which side of the argument we choose, the result is the same. The only ones in Heaven will be those that God has either chosen or foreknew.
No lazy pastors

The Christian Index probably doesn’t solicit a layman’s viewpoint on the Nov. 9 segment on “Whose Message Is It,” but I chose to give my, not so humble, opinion, anyway. The College Dictionary defines plagiarism as “to use and pass off as one’s own writing or ideas from another.” Of course we know this meaning, but reading the article in your publication it seems as though this must not apply to pastors.
Words from a busy pastor

With all of the problems that we have in our world today and seven pages of the Index dedicated to discussing who owns a sermon or quote, let me first say that I fully believe in giving credit to the proper person for their thoughts, outlines, sermons, quotes, poems, or songs.
Response to "Disappointed with Answers in Genesis"

I am proud that organizations are willing to teach boys to be men. It’s not about guys or killing but helping them become what God created then to be: men. It is also about truth in scripture. Exodus 15:3 says, “The Lord is a warrior.”
Be a "Secret Pal" to children this season

I am a “Secret Pal” to the children at the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home (GBCH) campuses in Baxley, Meansville, and one cottage (Georgia Memorial) in Palmetto. Each campus houses about 40 children (boys and girls) ranging in age from 5 to 18.
An historical perspective of Calvinism

Several disturbing theological assertions have recently surfaced from brethren in Georgia. One proposed that “Calvinist” candidates for ministry should accept calls only from Calvinistic churches. Another concerns several broadside attacks on “Calvinism” from noted pastors among Georgia Baptists.