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Is Christmas a lie?


According to The American Dictionary of the English Language, all the way back to our very first dictionary, Christmas is in it. Christmas is defined as: “A holiday celebration by Christians as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus” or some wording similar and saying the same thing.

How little of an education does it take for any human to understand that without Jesus, Christmas is a lie?

If Christmas is a lie without Jesus, then anything having to do with Christmas that does not include Jesus is just a lie. If it is against the law to have Jesus anywhere in Christmas on public property in the United States of America, then it must be against the law to have Christmas in and on anything that is public including the government.

Should the U.S. Supreme Court make a law (something they seem to do at will these days) that nothing having to do with Christmas may be part of any place, person, or thing in these United States of America? That would mean the mail runs and Congress works as well as all government workers, including the president.

Wow! You are saying how crazy is this old fool? Yes, doesn’t that just sound crazy, stupid, lame, and any other word you might wish to use to say I have gone off my rocker? Yet think about it, if we told any other religious (for lack of a better term) group or organization in the U.S. that they could not, nor could anyone else, have any recognition of their supreme leader and most holy celebrated head in any promotion of any kind in the nation on or pertaining to any entity that might be called public property, what would happen?

Why not let the world know that Christmas without Jesus is a lie? Wonder what God, the Holy Father, would answer?