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Pastors' Conference offering goes to Woodland Hills


Joe Westbury/Index

The renovated areas of Woodland Hills Baptist Church in Atlanta will go toward housing mission teams and others for year-round use. Funds for the construction came from the GBC Annual Meeting offering last November in Warner Robins.

Woodland Hills Baptist Church in Atlanta is the recipient of the offering collected at the annual November meeting of the Pastors’ Conference.

The offering is traditionally used to defray expenses of the meeting but Mike Stone, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Blackshear, opted for his church to cover the costs of the gathering. The offering totaled $2,475.05.

“I was very surprised at the Preaching Conference to learn that the offering would be coming to our church this year,” Pastor Randy Couch told The Index.

“The Lord has provided much labor, finances, and resources to our church as we renovated some old education space for a dormitory that missions teams could utilize. Nevertheless, we have some leftover debt and expense in completing the project.

“This offering is helping us to clear some of that, as well as add much-needed amenities to the dorms, including upgrading the heating system so that missions groups and others can utilize the space year-round.”

Joe Westbury/Index

Pastor Rusty Couch takes a break sprucing up a room at Woodland Hills. "The Lord has provided much labor, finances, and resources to our church," he said.

Woodland Hills’ story will be featured in an upcoming two-part series on church planting inside the Perimeter. The story will tell how Couch accepted the call from the congregation – at one time one of Georgia Baptists’ strongest – but which had dwindled to about 20.

Soon after he evaluated the ministry challenge, he led the church to close off one level of the multi-story education building and convert the space into dormitory use by churches coming to Atlanta to help in church planting.

The pastors’ conference funds helped to make that task a reality at an earlier date.