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Against guns in churches


I disagree with the Georgia pastors who have given the okay to have guns in churches. (See March 7 Index story titled “Guns in Church? Yes, with caveats, say pastors.”) Georgia House state legislators passed a bill on March 7.*

If the new pro-gun bill becomes a law, the following tragic act could likely take place in a church. A mentally ill visitor could attend church with a concealed handgun and kill adults and children.

Three or four church members would have concealed weapons and begin shooting at the gunman. People will be screaming and running in different directions. By mistake adults and children would be killed by the guns fired by the church members.

This likely tragic act almost took place at the gun violence act at the Gabby Gifford shooting in Tucson, AZ when a man with a concealed weapon rushed to the site with a gun ready to start shooting and almost shot the wrong person.


*Editor’s note: The Georgia House of Representatives passed HB 512 – largely along party lines –on March 7 by a 117-56 vote. Senate voting on the bill had not received a definite date as of Index press time. The bill allows an extension of locations – including churches and college campuses – where licensed gunowners can carry firearms. More information on the bill can be found through a search at