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Putting the pieces together


Have you ever put a puzzle together and come to the very end to find that you are missing the last piece? It is so frustrating, because we know the puzzle cannot be completed until the final piece is added.

Our lives are like a puzzle, where the individual pieces are made from the events and experiences in our lives. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had someone to help us put the pieces of our lives together?

Kim Wright

For children and families in need in our state – there is a place where they can turn. Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries is an expert at putting the pieces together! In 2012 we served 933 children and their families. These children and their families come with broken lives with real pain and hurt. The Children’s Home helps them put their broken pieces back together and can often be that most important final piece that makes their puzzle complete at this time in their lives.

It takes all of us working together to accomplish this task. Everyone reading this is an important piece in the Children’s Home puzzle. Churches and individuals help support our ministry by participating in truck loadings, giving gift cards, having birthday parties at the cottages, working on projects, praying, giving other financial gifts, and by sharing our ministries with others.

This year’s Children’s Home Offering Day will be on May 12. The theme is “Putting the Pieces Together.” As we approach this special day, think about how you can be a part of this vital ministry.

Each child and family we serve needs to know the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is their only true hope for healing and restoration. As we minister to them we are the hands and feet of Jesus reaching out to those in their deepest need.

Are you our missing piece? Don’t let our beautiful picture go unfinished because you hold the last piece of the puzzle. Thank you to all who have been on mission with the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries. We look forward to seeing how God will work in the lives of those we serve in His name.


Wright serves as board chair for the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries, Inc.