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Page: 1% Challenge a success


Frank Page

NASHVILLE (BP) — The 1% Challenge for increased Cooperative Program giving has been a surprising success, Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee, said Feb. 18.

Page had asked the convention’s 45,000 churches to consider a 1 percent-of-budget increase in Cooperative Program giving, which would add $100 million to the funding stream for Southern Baptist missions and ministries.

“The 1% Challenge began almost two years ago and has received a great deal of positive attention. Honestly, more than I thought it would,” Page told EC members in Nashville. “I thought ... it might have some traction until we got a more comprehensive strategy in place.”

But the challenge has caught on, Page said, and at least 15 percent of Southern Baptist churches either have adopted the challenge or are seriously considering it. “It’s making a difference,” he said.