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Suicide prevention program available


Churches desiring to become involved in suicide prevention ministry can benefit from two-day workshops being offered through Armed Forces Mission.

While the group has its roots in the military, the skills training can be applied to any groups interested in lowering the nation’s growing suicide rate.

The workshop, known as ASIST, is a standardized and customizable two-trainer workshop designed for members of all caregiving groups ranging from medical professionals and law enforcement personnel to educators, ministers, counselors, and coaches.

Ken Koon, program facilitator, said the program is beneficial “to anyone desiring to learn the skills needed to save others from suicide.” The emphasis is on teaching suicide first-aid to help a person at risk stay safe and seek further help as needed.

“Participants learn to use a suicide intervention model to identify persons with thoughts of suicide, seek a shared understanding of reasons for dying and living, develop a safe plan based upon a review of risk, be prepared to follow up, and become involved in suicide safer community networks,” Koon added.

Graduated skills development is achieved through mini-lectures, facilitated discussions, group simulations, and roleplay.

For more information contact Koon at (678) 283-4293 or