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Survey suggests Iraq War was most important 'moral' issue in presidential election


(RNS) The war in Iraq was the most important "moral issue" for voters in last month's election, according to a national poll by progressive groups, far outpacing abortion and gay marriage as top-shelf concerns.

The poll, released Nov. 9 by a coalition of progressive faith groups, suggests that the 22 percent of voters who listed "moral values" as the most decisive factor in their votes may be concerned about more than hot-button social issues like gay marriage and abortion.

Forty-two percent of voters in the new poll listed the Iraq war as their top moral concern, followed by 13 percent who listed abortion and 9 percent who said gay marriage. The war led among both Catholics and "born-again" Christians, and more than half of Kerry voters.

In other findings, one-third of voters listed "greed and materialism" as the most urgent moral problem in the country, followed immediately by poverty. Just 15 percent cited abortion, and 12 percent cited gay marriage.