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Andrews' commentary is 'spot on'


I applaud Steve Andrews’ guest commentary in the May 16th issue. To use a term that you are more likely to hear at the PASSION Conference ... Rev Andrews is Spot On.

Many good things are being done by this generation and those are easy to see and to list. It’s the things that aren’t so easy to see nor list that give those of us who have been around a while a pause in our Spirit.

Back when their activity and cutting-edge changes were part of a bigger picture (aka Youth Movement within a Big Church) it was less dangerous and wrapped a bit more in wisdom and experience.

Rather than a seismic shift, I am seeing a watery side in many cases – the Gospel watered down to be pleasing and non-offensive to the majority, accomplished sometimes with what looks like harmless new terms. Good News For Modern Man in the late 60’s ... not that was a seismic shift. It combined Radical and The Gospel in a powerful wave without compromise that introduced millions to the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ.

Calling something radical before you do it is very different from something being called radical years after it was done. I see lots of Radical-Wannabees out there today ... but history will determine that, won’t it?