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Issue Date: 2007-03-01
Volume: 186
Number: 5


A sunset romance at Baptist Village

John Beach was born in Walterboro, S.C. in the home of his great uncle, Jim Griffin, more than 98 years ago – Sept. 28, 1908. His mother died 28 days after he was born as the result of complications from childbirth.
Fountain plants non-traditional churches in the Lone Star State – a Texas-size job

“If there is anything being done in the world today, to change the world, it is planting churches.” So says Leroy Fountain, church planter associate for the North American Mission Board and the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention.
Community ministry finding opposition with Nation of Islam
Bruce Williamson, a volunteer with StreetWise Ministry, jokingly says he has been called a lot of things in his day, but never an infidel. There’s always a first time for anything, he adds, but he didn’t expect such a term to be hurled his way while doing ministry in Georgia – much less only 20 miles from his home.
REELfest giving youth statewide a new energy for exalting

More than 600 youth and adult sponsors among 27 churches gathered at Salem Baptist Church here Jan. 19-20 for REELfest, formerly the annual Youth Choir Festival.
BCF worship degree will benefit South Georgia ministers
Georgia Baptist ministers living in the southern tier of the state can benefit from a new contemporary worship ministry degree being offered by the Baptist College of Florida (BCF).
Array of data available to SBC churches from research center

Where would you find research on planting new churches, refocusing declining churches through evangelism, reaching young adults through conversion growth, or best practices for evangelizing children?
Ridgecrest turns 100 this year

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, N.C., is a place many people are surprised to learn is not only one of the largest religious conference centers in the nation, but also is celebrating a century of ministry this year.
New IRS rules demand receipts for church donations

The next time you toss bills into the church collection plate, you might want to ask the usher for a receipt.
Church endowment strengthens ministry

It’s a sobering thought in a time of constantly escalating costs of maintaining church property and sponsoring new missions initiatives: 83 percent of Southern Baptist churches have no endowment.
Single adults want ministry, not sympathy

“I am in a relationship with Christ,” Tina Barta said. “Yes, I’m single, but I’m pursuing Christ, and he’s pursuing me.”
Victims group apologizes to SBC leaders, admits charges 'erroneous'

A child sexual molestation victims’ group apologized to Southern Baptist leaders Feb. 22 for making false accusations that leaders had not responded to the group’s letters.
Book tells What Women Wish Pastors Knew
Written by Ft. Oglethorpe native Denise George

A survey by a national author is shedding light on what women wish their pastors knew about themselves. Georgia Baptist women were well represented in the book, titled What Women Wish Pastors Knew.
Netherton resigns as Carson-Newman president; takes new post at Mercer

James S. Netherton, president of Carson-Newman College since 2000, announced his resignation Feb. 16, effective June 1, to become executive vice president for administration and finance at Mercer University in Macon on Oct. 1.
The gospel according to John, Ringo, Paul and George

Rock music writer Steve Turner grew up in a Christian home in Daventry, England. And like other teenagers who came of age in the 1960s, Turner was a huge Beatles fan.
VBS previews build momentum for key church outreach

Nearly 2,000 Vacation Bible School leaders are more prepared than ever for this year’s outreach thanks to VBS previews.
Baptist associations to celebrate 300th anniversary

The first Baptist association in America will mark its 300th anniversary in September, and Southern Baptists will join in the celebration at a special associational missions rally June 10 at San Antonio’s First Baptist Church prior to the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in San Antonio.

Baptist News Summary

Names in the News
Initiatives in Jamaica, Korea receive WMU Second Century grants
A total of $108,740 in grants to support women’s leadership development and missions endeavors across the United States and abroad has been awarded by the WMU Foundation.
Clinton to speak as part of Ouachita president's inauguration
Former President Bill Clinton will lecture at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Ark., as part of a weeklong inaugural celebration for the school’s 15th president, Rex Horne Jr., Clinton’s former pastor.
Youth survey expected to reveal crucial information for ministry
Registration opened Feb. 1 for the SBC Youth Ministry Survey, designed to be a comprehensive guide for Southern Baptist churches across the nation to garner crucial, fresh information about teens, their families, and youth ministry.
Golden Gate housing renovation receives $200,000 boost
With the sky-high cost of living in the San Francisco area, a $200,000 gift for refurbishing student housing at Golden Gate Seminary’s Northern California campus is a welcome boost for affordable on-campus student housing.
Frank Page addresses Cooperative Program future at conference
Though “cautiously optimistic” about the future of the Cooperative Program, Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page said legitimate concerns must be addressed if the CP is to remain effective.
Leaders from German seminary and Southwestern strengthen partnership
The Old World met the New World Jan. 25- Feb. 1 when a delegation from a German Bible seminary came to Southwestern Seminary to meet with seminary leaders and strengthen a partnership begun in 2005.
Baptist Center at New Orleans launches new Web initiatives
New initiatives launched recently by the Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry at New Orleans Seminary combine pastoral experience and academic scholarship to answer common questions like “What does it mean to be a Baptist?” and “Why be a Baptist?”

Religious Newsbriefs

German court says head scarves can't violate Christian values
Muslim teachers in southern Germany may not wear head scarves or any other symbol of their faith that could be construed to clash with Western or Christian values, according to a recent court ruling.
Study: College students' political labels don't always match faith views
According to a survey by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA in 2004 and 2006, just under one-third of American college students described themselves as liberal or far left, while 26 percent said they were conservative or far right. Forty-three percent chose “middle-of-the-road.”
South Africa pastor murdered during Bible study
A pastor in South Africa who had partnered with North Carolina Baptist volunteers was shot and killed Jan. 22 as he led a Bible study at Masiphumelele Baptist Church in Fish Hoek. Phillip Mokson, founding pastor of the congregation, died and a woman was seriously wounded by a man who was baptized in late 2006 but struggled with depression. The woman apparently had rejected his romantic overtures.
Survey says Canadians have most tolerant attitudes toward Muslims
Canadians have the most tolerant attitudes toward Muslims among citizens of 23 Western countries, according to a new international study that measured levels of Islamophobia in each nation.

People and Places

Revival Report
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

VBS stories, snacks & a Savior

There was a moment when Patrick Thompson had to decide which way he would go.

Bible Study

Jesus Takes Care of Us

John 10:1-5, 7-15, 17-18
Related Sunday School Lesson, Family Bible Series, March 18
Jesus Opens Our Eyes

John 9:8-10, 20-22, 24-25, 30-33, 35-39
Related Sunday School Lesson, Family Bible Series, March 11


The Open Door

In case you are not already aware, let me inform you, or remind you if you are aware that Congress has extended the duration of Daylight Saving Time beginning this year. Instead of Daylight Saving Time starting at the traditional time, it will begin on March 11 at 2 a.m. and will conclude on November 4 at 2 a.m.
Trend toward early puberty may be changing course

Nine reasons why I love the church

In the course of human history few institutions have been more misunderstood and maligned than the Christian church. Indeed, it would be foolish to insist that the church is perfect, because it is made up of frail and fallible people like you and me. Unfortunately, the criticism being leveled against the church today is not only coming from those outside the church, but from those within.
Inerrancy isn't enough

Russia is the largest country on earth and full of natural resources, but it is dying. Its people cannot surmount the degradation of years of neglect and of rhetoric that promised so much, but delivered so little.


Excluding women hurts ministry

Am I the only one who feels increasingly more anxious about the growing trend in the SBC to exclude women from service? Several events have disturbed me recently. One is that a life-long close friend, a 40-year contributing member of one of our formerly strongest churches, has shared with me the devastation in her church caused by their pastor’s teaching.