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Issue Date: 2004-05-06
Volume: 183
Number: 10


Baptist Center employees pause for personal revival

Baptist Center employees paused from their work schedule April 20-22 to focus on personal revival as the emphasis of the annual staff retreat.
Carpeting Dalton, North Georgia with the Gospel
Bob Bagley named Associational Missionary of the Year for work with Hispanics

DALTON — Whitfield and Murray counties in North Georgia have seen a constant increase in the Hispanic population in the past decade. In a setting where some may see nothing but obstacles common with immigration, Bob Bagley has seen opportunities.
Hope ... for a lifetime
Children's Home Day, May 9
Since its humble beginning in 1872, Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries, Inc. has reached out to hurting children and broken families providing hope, healing, and love in the name of Jesus Christ.
Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting; schedule for June 15-16
'Kingdom Forever' is SBC focus for June 15-16 meeting in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (BP) — Southern Baptists will gather in Indianapolis June 15-16, continuing their Empowering Kingdom Growth initiative.
WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting June 13-14
Brewton-Parker College commemorates years of surviving and thriving with centennial celebration

It was through the vision of Georgia Baptist pastor John Carter Brewton and the faith and financial support of McRae businessman Charles B. Parker that Union Baptist Institute was founded in 1904. The towns of Mt. Vernon and Ailey welcomed the idea of having a Baptist school in their part of southeast Georgia and offered the founders $15,000 and 15 acres of land to locate the school in their community.
"Jesus Came Preaching" is theme of Pastor's Conference; schedule for June 13-14
Georgia native follows God's call to plant church in New York

Robbie Lankford grew up in Cedartown and was saved during Vacation Bible School at Limebranch Church. As a teenager he frequently felt that God wanted him to be a “preacher,” but basically dismissed the idea until he met Shannon Garner, whose father was pastor of Pine Bower Church, also in Cedartown.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Tallapoosa Association disbands July 30
The Future Study Committee of the Tallapoosa Baptist Association has voted 26 to 4 to disband the association, effective July 30.
Evangelization office changes name
The Executive Office for Evangelization is now Evangelism Ministries.

Religious Newsbriefs

Pentecostal minister – and bank robber – sentenced to jail for six-and-a-half years
BOSTON (RNS) An armed Pentecostal minister who threatened tellers at five New England banks and made off with more than $13,000 before police finally caught him will spend the next six-in-a-half years behind bars.
Christian bookstore won’t stock latest Left Behind book
VANCOUVER, British Columbia (RNS) Regent College Bookstore, one of the largest Christian bookstores in Canada, won’t be selling the 12th installment in the phenomenally popular Left Behind series, Glorious Appearing, saying it promotes a dangerous worldview that exacerbates global tensions.
Oregon street preacher wins free speech case
PORTLAND, Ore. (RNS) U.S. District Judge Ancer L. Haggerty ruled April 13 that groups holding events in city parks cannot eject people who express an opposing viewpoint, stating the action violates the First Amendment guarantee of free speech.
Federal Judge orders Alabama to pay $550,000 in Commandments case
MONTGOMERY (RNS) A federal judge has ordered Alabama to pay more than half a million dollars in lawyer fees and expenses in connection with the suit to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial building rotunda.
Poll: Two-thirds use web to look for religion
(RNS) Nearly two-thirds of American adults with Internet access have used it for spiritual or faith-related reasons, according to a recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life project.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Bible Study

Nurturing Family Relationships

Imagine an angel suddenly appeared with an assignment – a simple little job – you are to fix America. No other instruction is given. Where would you start? If you are the political type, you might run for elected office. If you are an educator, you might conclude the need is best addressed through the schools. If you are religious, you would look at the church as the natural starting point.
Improving Sibling Relationships

I really did not mean to do it. She stepped into my line of fire. Unaware of her presence, I pulled the trigger and shot her between the eyes. Fortunately she was far enough away that the BB did not penetrate the skin. No harm done.


A Convention by any other name

When Southern Baptist Convention President Jack Graham addressed the Executive Committee in February he called for a new name for the denomination and indicated that he would appoint a committee to study the idea. Graham said the committee would represent the SBC both “geographically and generationally” and would report back to the Convention at the annual meeting in Nashville in 2005.
Defending the faith in a post-Christian era

Apologetics – the discipline teaching us how to defend our beliefs – is one of many stones adorning the jewel-encrusted crown of Christian faith. The apostle Paul polished this particular stone before the Roman procurators, Felix and Festus (Acts 24 & 25), and Agrippa, the Jewish king (Acts 26), confessing both his doctrine and piety in masterful ways. Much is learned from him, and whatever the era, the gospel is preached and God’s Kingdom is advancing because of the efforts of both evangelism and apologetics, the twin pillars of the kerygma.
Patient parents typically rewarded after teen years

The Open Door

I wish you could have been with me recently as I interviewed Ken Dobbs about the ministry of the Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries. His remarks would have thrilled your heart as they did mine. Since we are approaching Mother’s Day when we will receive in our churches our Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries Offering, I thought it would be encouraging to you to read some of the things I heard Ken say. This truly is a remarkable ministry that needs and deserves our sacrificial support.