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Thanks for Calvinism editorial


It was refreshing to finally see someone write an article exposing a real issue in the discussions by the “committee” concerning the Calvinist and current Southern Baptist beliefs.

The issue of infants and the incompetent as to their “elect” status needed to be discussed in the open. Now, when will the issue of the “elect” of adults be openly discussed?

It has appeared to me that the SBC has purposely shielded the issues from discussion simply to prevent a split in the denomination. If some believe in John 3:16 and that man can be saved by believing and accepting Jesus and others believe that a man must be of the Elect or he cannot be saved, then these two factions do not have a common fundamental belief that drives their actions.

On the surface, the failure of the SBC leadership to openly discuss the issues of this subject is a disservice to Southern Baptist beliefs. It also sends a message that maintaining stability by simply getting along and preventing open discussion is more important than resolving the issue.

Thank you for your recent article. I look forward to more open discussion and communication about important issues confronting the SBC.