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Reaching the lost inside the Perimeter


The first baptism at Hills Park Baptist in downtown Atlanta in eight years was a big event for our church and Godís Kingdom.†But the exposure to our Christian Index article and pictures made the day even better and is bringing new results and answered prayers!

Getting the Christmas tree out of the baptistery and having two adults baptized was doing what a church is supposed to do Ė bring new believers into Godís community of faith and fellowship.†And the Christian Index also did more than was ever conceived of in their mission.

This great article let to excitement in our congregation, inspiration for a dwindling church,†recognition of Godís power, and a transformation of priorities in our inner city church.

Because of the exposure, we have had other churches from Atlanta to south Georgia contacting us to partner in our mission and offer prayers and support for Hills Park in downtown Atlanta.†I have also had numerous calls and even offers to help in our ministry because of the Index article presenting our need and vision.

Our once-sleepy congregation now realizes the divine importance of reaching the lost and being the church of Jesus Christ.

As I said in the article, ďThereís nothing God canít do.†Heís done miracles before and we know he can do one here.Ē†And thanks to The Christian Index one more miracle is growing already at Hills Park in 2013.