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Revival reports


Morganton Baptist Church in northwest Georgia recently concluded a four-day revival held Sept. 23-26. Pastor Keith Jones preached the Sunday opening service with guest evangelists on a mission team from Tattnall-Evans Baptist Association preaching on the following days. Tattnall-Evans Director of Missions James Bland was among those bringing sermons.

During the day team members ministered across the state line at Copper Basin Crisis Center.

Jones noted that more individuals have been baptized in the four-month period from June through September – at least 10 with five additional from the revival – “than in any previous year for at least six years. There has not been a three-week period during that time when I haven’t baptized someone.”


Rentz Baptist Church held a Fall revival Sept. 29-Oct. 2. Evangelist Bill Britt preached and Jeff Cleghorn led the music. Pastor Tom Vann reported, “The meeting resulted in a real move of God in the congregation with eight professions of faith and full altars in each service. Revival still works with the prayers and support of the local church.”

The church also hosted its fifth annual Wild Game Supper on Oct. 12, where it premiered its latest film, Soul Hunt II.