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Issue Date: 2007-04-12
Volume: 186
Number: 8


Pham honored as NAMB's Asian Church Planting Missionary of the Year
Georgia missionary An Van Pham was recently named the North American Mission Board’s “Asian Church Planting Missionary of the Year” for his work to start new churches among Asians in Georgia during 2006.
BCM students take their breaks for missions

Breaks during the college year usually mean sitting back and relaxing. Campus ministers throughout the state see them as a time to teach students about service and to view missions as a way of life.
New York City Muslims ask for school closings on holidays

A coalition of Muslim groups and community members on March 15 called for the public schools to observe two of the holiest Muslim holidays with days off.
Guidance, understanding key parts in overcoming ministers' depression

The dump truck in front of him had stopped, but Mike Woods thought about keeping his foot on the accelerator. He could end it here. The stress. The preoccupation with death. The emotional outbursts.
Georgia youth among new movement of teen authors

Two Georgia Baptist students are beginning their careers setting an example for other youth in the literary world.
First Baptist Cumming partners with First Baptist New Orleans in Baptist Crossroads Project

When Hurricane Katrina formed over the Bahamas on August 23, 2005 no one could have imagined the devastation that would be wrought by this unprecedented cataclysm. By the time the storm launched its assault on the Gulf Coast its winds had been measured as high as 175 miles per hour. Mayor Ray Nagin ordered the first ever mandatory evacuation of the city, referring to Katrina as “the storm that most of us have long feared.”
Luther's spiritual heirs face an uncertain future

Faced with declining membership, dwindling income, and more demands to provide community services, Germany’s Protestants see an overwhelming stretch ahead of them.
Diane Reasoner, Georgia Baptist public relations director, dies in car accident
Diane Reasoner, long-time communications specialist for the Georgia Baptist Convention, was killed in an auto accident on Palm Sunday (April 1) in metro Atlanta.
We Believe

Do you believe that every child deserves a safe and loving home? You can be thankful that Georgia Baptists not only believe this, but that we are providing places of safety for hundreds of hurting and wounded children through the Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries, Inc. (GBCHFM).
Health Care Foundation grant to help retired ministers, widows with basic necessities

Miriam Wheeler remembers her husband, Archie, as a giving man.
Church greeter has firm grip on thousands of names

Some people preach. Others sing.
400 million Chinese religious, up from 100 million, study says
Citizens of the People’s Republic of China are perhaps four times more religious than the government previously thought, according to a new survey conducted by East China Normal University. About 400 million people – more than 30 percent of the country’s population – practice a religion.
New guidelines allow more retirees to qualify for Adopt An Annuitant
On March 1, GuideStone announced that it has adopted new guidelines to allow more retirees to qualify for financial assistance through its Adopt An Annuitant ministry.
How Pistol Pete found purpose
Basketball legend was baptized at Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta

With his shaggy hair, floppy socks, and unparalleled flair for showmanship, “Pistol Pete” Maravich set basketball records that may never be broken and did things on the court that may never be duplicated.
Crossover aims for San Antonio's unchurched

An estimated 2,000 Southern Baptist volunteers will join forces for “Crossover San Antonio” prior to the Southern Baptist Convention’s June 12-13 annual meeting at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.
German judge removed after saying abuse allowed in Muslim marriage

A Frankfurt judge has been removed from a divorce case after arguing that physical abuse in a Muslim marriage is acceptable under the Quran.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Two Georgia Baptists appointed to '07 Resolutions Committee
SBC President Frank Page has named two Georgia Baptists to join other members of the Resolutions Committee during the annual meeting June 11-12 here.
Blackburn named as new director of Georgia Baptist Conference Center–Norman Park
Brian Blackburn has been named as the new director for the Georgia Baptist Conference Center in Norman Park.

Baptist News Summary

ERLC's Land presents Distinguished Service Award to Ted Stone widow
Richard Land presented the 2006 Richard D. Land Distinguished Service Award of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission to Anne Stone in honor of her late husband, Ted Stone, prior to chapel at Southeastern Seminary March 20.
Welch to expand SBC global relationships as strategist for evangelism
SBC immediate past president and former pastor of First Baptist Church in Daytona Beach, Fla., Bobby Welch has been named to the position of Strategist for Global Evangelical Relations with the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee.
Units respond to New Mexico tornadoes
New Mexico Baptist disaster relief units responded quickly to tornado damage caused after twisters hit two eastern New Mexico communities March 23.
BP awards contest opens for students with May 31 deadline
The seventh annual Baptist Press Excellence in Journalism Contest is underway.
Names in the News
Southern Baptist volunteers set record in New Orleans recovery participation
Record numbers of Southern Baptist volunteers from across the nation are rebuilding flooded homes in New Orleans, establishing the most productive month so far since Hurricane Katrina hit. Volunteers from California to Georgia and as far north as Alaska were part of the effort with Baptist College Ministries students from Syracuse, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and other universities taking part as well.
Southwestern officers, Texas pastor reach accord after months of debate
Agreeing “to put past issues behind us,” trustee officers of Southwestern Seminary say they look forward “to working together for many years” with first-year trustee Dwight McKissic.

Religious Newsbriefs

Biblical translator Bruce Metzger dies at 93
Bruce Metzger, a revered biblical scholar who was both respected and sometimes criticized for championing the use of modern language in translating the Bible, has died at the age of 93.
U.S., Israeli lawmakers launch 'Christian Allies Caucus' in response to Middle East conflicts
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill hope a new “Christian Allies Caucus” will show bipartisan support for Israel and work with U.S. “churches and Christian groups” to support Israel.
Professor pulls book with 'blood libel' claim
The author of a controversial new book that says a small number of Jews living hundreds of years ago may have ingested the blood of Christian children has asked his publisher to stop distributing the book.
First Lady Laura Bush urges continued faith-based work on malaria at conference
First lady Laura Bush congratulated religious and community organizations involved in the fight against malaria and urged others to join in the campaign at a White House conference Feb. 15.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
Revival Report

Cooperative Program Stories

Top CP-giving churches named for 2006
The Cooperative Program is the Southern Baptist way of funding missions that makes it possible for every Baptist church member to be involved in changing lives for Christ. With more than 10,000 missionaries on the field in the United States and across the globe, every Southern Baptist is part of the task of reaching every person with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bible Study

Loving Obedience

John 13:34-35; 14:21-24; 15:9-16
Related Sunday School Lesson, Family Bible Series, April 22
Steadfast Faithfulness

John 15:18-16:4
Related Sunday School Lesson, Family Bible Series, April 29


"Hooray for Hollywood?"

Johnny Mercer wrote the lyrics for “Hooray for Hollywood” in 1938 when Hollywood was much different than today. He declares, “Come on and try your luck. You could be Donald Duck. Hooray for Hollywood.”
Children gain maturity when freedom comes step by step

Christian speech is now 'hate speech'

In one of the latest examples of “we’re-out-to-destroy-the-U.S.-Constitution” rulings, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has made another unthinkable decision. I hope you’re sitting down for this … the court concluded that the words “marriage,” “natural marriage,” and “family values” are hate speech.
The Open Door

The Georgia Baptist Convention sustained a great loss on Palm Sunday afternoon when Diane Reasoner, specialist in Communications for the Convention, lost her life in a tragic automobile accident in Atlanta. Even as I type these words, they seem so unreal to me. Through nearly fifteen years of working closely together, Diane and I had developed not only a very close working relationship, but a deep and abiding friendship as well.


Pray for emergency workers

We at Scott Boulevard Baptist Church engage in a prayer ministry for our DeKalb County emergency workers – police, firefighters, EMTs, etc.
Beware of being at war without God

A nation at war that has forgotten God is in a very perilous position. I think most of us realize if someone had traveled to Mars 50 years ago and came back to the United States today they would not recognize the place – specifically the moral decline.
TMC issues call to prayer

On January 11, I concluded our chapel service by calling the TMC family to pray for the following:
On being the church

We recently read the March 1 editorial titled “Nine Reasons Why I Love the Church” and want to thank The Index for being faithful to Matt. 16:18 in the AKJV.
Reader asks "What if?"

At a recent On Mission Celebration, we were confronted with a shocking statistic: Sixty percent of the people in our area claim no religious affiliation. Couple that with the fact that ninety percent of our communities are effectively unchurched, and we can see that we are failing miserably.
Mohler homosexuality comments lead to questions

Al Mohler’s observation about the possibility of homosexuality being biologically based and giving a solution to correct the condition is a mark of genius. This will bring both sides into answering some tough questions.