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Where are we going in 2014?


There are three major questions in life. They are: From whence did I come? What am I doing here? And where am I going?

Everyone should honestly face the reality of these questions and seek an answer that satisfies the searching heart, assures the inquisitive mind, and settles the eternal destiny of the soul.

A form of these three questions is inscribed in the upper right-hand corner of a painting created by the French artist Paul Gauguin. The painting was created in Tahiti and is in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The French version of these three questions is: “D’ou Venons Nous? Que Sommes Nous? Ou Allons Nous?”

The popular singer/songwriter/musician Marvin Gaye wrote the lyrics to a song that asks the third question mentioned above. The song is entitled: “Where are We Going?”

Not long after Gaye wrote the song he was shot twice by his father while sitting on his bed talking to his mother. The first shot, which entered the right side of his chest, was fatal, having perforated his vital organs. Gaye was taken to the emergency room of the California Hospital Medical Center and pronounced dead on arrival at 1:01 pm on April Fool’s Day 1984. Marvin was shot with the gun he had given his father as a Christmas present.

On one occasion Gaye said, “I don’t think I’m a Christian. A Christian is a man who follows Christ, and that takes a h--l of a man to do that. My church is within me.”

Gaye was conflicted in his religious views and ultimately turned away from Christianity and lived much of his adult life addicted to hard drugs and probably suffered from depression. But the question raised by his song title was pertinent for him and for us today.

I would like for us to consider that question, “where am I going,” this New Year.

Years ago T.H. Huxley, the great scientist, arrived in England and was scheduled to deliver a speech somewhere in London. He quickly got off the train and jumped into a taxi and told the driver, “Hurry! Go at top speed!”

They were speeding down the highway when Huxley suddenly realized he had not given the cab driver his desired destination. To make matters worse he also realized that he had forgotten the correct address. So he asked the driver, “Cabbie, do you know where I am suppose to go?”

He replied, “No, sir. But I am going as fast as possible.”

When I look around I see everyone in the same predicament. People are running helter-skelter from one thing to another, many of them without any sense of purpose or direction. Many nations are teetering on the brink of financial chaos. Others are living under the sword of Damocles, fearing the menacing threat of some hostile foe or marauding terrorists.

When I look around I see everyone in the same predicament. People are running helter-skelter from one thing to another, many of them without any sense of purpose or direction.

The kingdoms of this world are shaking as unstable dictators order the development and proliferation of nuclear weapons. The fear of a financial meltdown adds to the ominous signs looming on the horizon.

The reports in America are odious with over 8.5 million unemployed, 7 million home foreclosures, 40 percent of homeowners upside-down on their mortgages, and the Federal Government’s debt exceeding $12 trillion and expecting to grow to $20 trillion in the next ten years.

If the financial recession in America is bad, the political climate, which is rife with dishonesty and partisan rhetoric, is worse. And while some dare to contend that climate change is the greatest ethical issue in the nation, it is clear to me that America has lost its moral compass.

With the apparent socialistic agenda of our president, the general lack of confidence in most of our political leaders, the economy being propped up with tarps and bailouts, and the moral decline of the nation, where are we going?

Let me respond like this: there are many kingdoms in this world. Kingdoms can be likened to various nations such as the United States, Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, and Israel with governments of men ruling over men. In contrast to that is the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ ruling over men.

I attended the funeral of Adrian Rogers at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis in November of 2005. The service included a poignant and penetrating video in which Dr. Rogers was preaching and said, “People say, ‘What’s the world coming to?’ I’ll tell you what the world is coming to. It’s coming to Jesus. Jesus owns the world. It was made by Him and for Him and the Bible says that it is coming back to Him. The Bible says, ‘The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign for ever and ever.’”

Jesus will not claim His royal rights until He returns, but the victory has already been won. There was a day when Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of this world, but Jesus refused them. Instead, He died on the cross, arose from the dead and returned victoriously to heaven; and there the Father gave Him His inheritance (Ps. 2:4-9).

Today, Jesus rules over a spiritual kingdom. But in that future day, He will reign over the nations of the world and rule with a rod of iron.

I don’t know where you are going in 2014. You may be going to work, school, play, retirement, some recreational activity, or on vacation, but there is an eventual, definitive, decisive, ultimate destination for all of us. Every single person on this planet, kings and kingdoms, beggars and billionaires, the erudite and illiterate, the ill-mannered and refined, Democrats and Republicans, the humble and the haughty, are ultimately going to meet Christ, the Lord, either in joy as believers or in judgment as unbelievers.

You need to know where you are ultimately going – to Jesus.