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How Can I Be Sure God Exists?


Psalm 19:1-14
Bible Studies for Life, Jan. 26


If you have ever had the privilege to travel across the country or the world, then you have likely expressed your wonder at the creation around us.

I love the peacefulness of the mountains and waterfalls. I love the comfort of the beach. I love the quietness of the fields of South Dakota that stretch to the horizon! Iím sure you have your list of favorite places as well.

Whatever may be the place that you are thinking of, it is more than just a place. The 19th Psalm helps us to see what creation is busy doing.


Creation speaks the glory of God - Psalm 19:1-6

David, with full conviction, expresses that creation is not passive, but very active in proclaiming the glory of our God. Scholars call this ďgeneral revelation.Ē That is, anyone that looks at creation should realize there is a Creator.

Obviously that doesnít happen today. Paul would describe those that deny the Creator as those that have willfully denied what is obvious (Rom. 1). David came to the right conclusion Ė there is a glorious Creator!

As David looked up into the skies, he was amazed at what he saw. In the starry nights, he declared that there was an unmistakable knowledge of God. In the sunny days, he expressed that it spoke of the Creator. He even went so far to say in verse 3, ďThere is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.Ē

Think about it. There is not one single place on this earth that has escaped the declarations of the sun and the stars!

I have been amazed at the pictures of the Hubble telescope. The pictures of our own solar system, of other galaxies, stars, and our universe are breathtaking. Yet, many scientists will look at those and credit all of that to evolution. But David, without the aid of the Hubble telescope, came to the right conclusion thousands of years before Ė Almighty God is speaking! I agree with Lord Kelvin who observed, ďIf you think strongly enough, you will be forced by science to believe in God.Ē


The Word of God speaks the ways of God - Psalm 19:7-11

David now speaks of a specific revelation about God Ė His Word. His description of the power of Godís Word is breathtaking. He admires Godís Word and its impact on our lives.

The perfect law of the Lord converts the soul. The sure testimony of the Lord gives wisdom to the simple. The right statutes of the Lord rejoice the heart. The pure commandments of the Lord enlighten the eyes. The fear of the Lord endures forever. The true judgments of the Lord are altogether righteous.

In short, all that we could ever need in this life is wonderfully provided by the Word of God. Salvation is recorded in Godís Word Ė through Christ alone. Wisdom, understanding, clarification, and joy are all found in our study of Godís Word. God has specifically stated how we can experience and enjoy them.

David realized a crucial principle regarding Godís Word: it gives us clear direction for life. Thatís why he would declare it to be desired more than the finest gold. He stated that it is sweeter than the sweetest honey.

This begs the question: How much time do we spend in Godís Word seeking what is needed in our daily lives? Or do we go to other people or places seeking counsel that is not established on the Word of God?

Remember Davidís words. We are warned by Godís Word. We are made spiritually wealthy by Godís Word when heeded.


The child of God speaks the love of God - Psalm 19:12-14

As David considered how creation speaks of our glorious God, and how the Word of God directs us in the ways of God; itís as if he comes to the realization that he is extremely vulnerable. The humble confession of the man after Godís own heart is refreshing and challenging.

Do you realize how vulnerable you are to the attacks of the real enemy, the devil? Davidís earnest desire was to be right with his Lord in every way. He wanted no errors, faults, or presumptions to keep him out of fellowship with God. Rather, he wanted to be holy and pure before God.

One of our greatest actions is that of genuine humility before God as we confess our limits and failures; also our desire to be right before Him. Do those around you know that your desire is to live in right fellowship with God?

But David would go one step further. He also prayed that his words and his meditation would be acceptable in the sight of God. David knew that he was a representative for his Lord, and he knew that the words he spoke and the promptings of his heart needed to be those that would honor Him.

Do you place your thoughts and words under the loving scrutiny of our redeeming heavenly Father? Child of God, we are commanded to speak and show forth the love of God wherever we may be.

Your words and ways will influence those around you. But the question will be: Are others influenced to come to Christ because of me, or are they influenced to go away from Christ?

There is no doubt that God exists. Creation makes clear Godís existence. Godís Word makes clear Godís purposeful existence. The only question remains is if we will declare to others by a genuine testimony that God exists.