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Calif. Baptist volleyball team wins NAIA national championship


RIVERSIDE, Calif. (BP) - The California Baptist University women's volleyball team won their first NAIA national championship after defeating Concordia University of Irvine, Calif., in three out of four games Dec. 4 in San Diego. In addition, it is the first national title for any women's sport at CBU.

The Lancers' women's volleyball team won all seven matches in the national championships, creating a string of upsets including the defeat of No. 3 Columbia University in Missouri. The team marked its rise by not losing a single match in the second half of regular season play.

The CBU Lancers defeated Concordia University 30-23, 30-27 in the first two games, lost by a narrow margin in the third game, 32-34, and sealed the championship with a win in the fourth game 30-16.