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The Open Door


It is with much joy and a full heart that I write this Open Door to you from Jerusalem, Israel. In the fall of 2015 it will be an amazing moment in Georgia Baptist history as we take about 200 members of the Sons of Jubal to sing concerts in Israel. Jon Duncan and I are in the process this week of having many meetings to set up the concerts and various ministry opportunities.

This visit to the Holy Land in the fall of 2015 is not just for the Sons of Jubal. I am hoping that many others will go as well. I invite our pastors and other church staff as well as our church members to plan to go with us to Israel.

I believe God is going to use this experience in a mighty way. I trust that we will take as many as 350 Georgia Baptists on this Holy Land experience. Nothing compares with the privilege of walking where Jesus walked as you visit the Land of the Bible.

We met yesterday with the Ministry of Tourism in Jerusalem and found a remarkably warm attitude toward Southern Baptists. I can honestly say that they love you over in Israel. Here is an opportunity for us to demonstrate that we love them as well.

Nothing compares with the privilege of walking where Jesus walked as you visit the Land of the Bible.

As you give through the Cooperative Program and through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions, you are supporting an outstanding team of missionaries who are serving across Israel. Jon and I had the joy of meeting with them and witnessing their hot hearts for serving the Lord effectively. They are anxious to meet those of you who will be going to Israel in 2015.

Someone asked the other day, “Isn’t it dangerous in Israel?” My response was, “It surely is. It has been dangerous there for more than 2,000 years.” However, it is probably safer in Israel than it is in the downtown of your own community. I found people freely walking on the streets in the daytime and at night without any fear.

Jon and I have experienced no concerning incidents on the entire trip. Our experience has been delightful; the travel has been safe, the food has been delicious, and after a long day of walking in the Old City of Jerusalem, the sleep at night has been wonderful.

I hope that you will begin thinking now about joining Jon Duncan and me as well as the Sons of Jubal as we travel to Israel to share the love of Jesus Christ in the fall of 2015.