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Changed lives change lives


DULUTH — Scanning the headlines today can feel like a gauntlet at times, whether the news is from a local, state, national, or global source. The result of sin is easy to find, with the ramifications carrying on in a seemingly endless pattern.

The start to fixing those problems can be found through the ministries supported by the Mission Georgia offering through Georgia Baptists.

Last year ministries involving disaster relief, Sunday School, human trafficking, camps, and Vacation Bible School received a jolt through the faithful giving of individuals and churches via Mission Georgia. Those aren’t just statistics, but lives impacted by the Gospel, says John Bryan.

“Mission Georgia is more than just a ministry, it’s a movement to reach our state for Christ,” Bryan, GBC state missionary in Cooperative Program Advancement, testified. “It’s not a program, but a process that leads to the ultimate product of reducing lostness in Georgia. It’s not just an offering, but an opportunity for every Georgia Baptist to participate in changing lives for God’s glory.”

Addressed through the premise of the 5 Smooth Stones (, this year’s offering promotion focuses on the initial step for every believer and every movement of God.

“The theme this year – Spiritual Renewal – is a direct link to the most vital of all our 5 Smooth Stones. We chose the emphasis of ‘Changed Lives’ because this is proof of true spiritual renewal,” Bryan added. “Our desire as Georgia Baptists is not to make a spiritual splash, but to leave an ongoing spiritual legacy. As 2 Timothy 2:2 teaches, changed lives change lives.”

The prayer, and expectation, is that those changed lives go out to mirror the Great Commission, ultimately changing headlines locally, statewide, nationally, and throughout the globe.


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Ten Top Tips On Using Your Mission Georgia Materials
What materials are available?
For Georgia Baptist churches to catch the vision for reducing lostness in their state, they must first see the need. Highly informational materials - a DVD, prayer guide/bulletin insert, offering envelopes, and posters - have been prepared to assist churches in sharing in this mission.



Mission Georgia, by the numbers, in 2013

Gifts greatly offset costs for various ministries throughout the state, leading to a worldwide impact through the beneficiaries of those outreach efforts.





Vacation Bible School

$35/ leader

1,170 Vacation Bible School leaders trained, leading to nearly 268,000 taught about Christ and almost 8,800 decisions for Christ.

Sunday School

$5/ leader

Online training helps equip 760 leaders. For every $100 more in gifts, state missionaries train 20 more leaders online.

Camp Kaleo

$17/ camper

Nearly 5,000 campers participate, with 23 of them professing faith in Christ.

Disaster Relief

$3/ person

Trained 2,323 volunteers who were deployed in 2013 to help in recovery efforts from tornadoes, storms, flooding, and fires, resulting in 140 professions of faith. For $100 in Mission Georgia gifts, over 30 volunteers can be trained. For every $50 invested in disaster relief and through the witness of the volunteers, someone will come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Summer youth events (Superwow and MOVE)


8,578 youth attended with 1,053 decisions to follow Christ. For every $125 in Mission Georgia gifts, a teen comes to faith in Jesus.

Fight against human trafficking


Gifts totaling almost $25,000 annually help support agencies that minister to victims.


In addition, Mission Georgia gifts supported literacy classes for more than 3,500 non-English speaking Georgia residents representing 89 nations. One in 30 (117) of those participants came to faith in Christ as they were learning to read. Also, Mission Georgia supported a staff of state missionaries that helped facilitate 185,120 Georgia Baptists going somewhere in the world last year for short-term mission work.