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BP stories: David Platt in the news


RICHMOND, Va. (BP) – David Platt, newly elected president of the International Mission Board, is no stranger to being in the headlines.

Following are headlines, dates, brief descriptions and to a few of the Baptist Press stories that included coverage of Platt.


Platt, Greear in Indonesia

Nov. 2, 1010 – Platt was one of about 10 pastors and mission leaders from across the United States who traveled to Indonesia in 2010 to preach in churches, seminaries and Baptist conventions.


50K participate in 6-hour ‘Secret Church’

April 28, 2011 – Platt led a six-hour simulcast called “Secret Church” that involved biblical teaching and prayer for the persecuted church. Secret Church was born from Platt’s experiences teaching in underground house churches throughout Asia.


Panel: Adoption part of the Great Commission

July 9, 2012 – David Platt said adoption and orphan care are necessary activities for Christians who are serious about the Great Commission. Platt was one of the panelists at the Adoption and Orphan Care Panel discussion during the SBC annual meeting in New Orleans.


Platt explains position on ‘sinner’s prayer’

Sept. 25, 2012 – In a two-part series on the “sinner’s prayer” delivered at his church, Platt explained his concerns over the prayer’s “abuse.” Platt’s sermon came in response to a SBC resolution that apparently was triggered by a sermon Platt had delivered earlier that year. Platt’s message was viewed by some as being critical of all uses of the sinner’s prayer. Soon, discussion about the sinner’s prayer on blogs and within social medial morphed into a debate over Calvinism. “The use of a “sinner’s prayer’ can potentially come across as unhealthily formulaic,” Platt has said, adding that the prayer can be a useful tool for leading people to Christ if handled correctly. “... I talk with people all the time who are looking for a ‘box to check off’ in order to be right with God and safe for eternity. But there is no box. We are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.” The SBC resolution affirming the sinner’s prayer passed overwhelmingly during the 2012 annual meeting. Platt later said he voted for the resolution.


Mideast simulcast grapples with ‘why’

Aug. 23, 2013 – Believers are “reached for a reason,” Platt said in an international simulcast August 2013. Platt said he couldn’t explain why he was born in the shadow of dozens of churches when people on the other side of the world live and die without ever hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.