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We believe in the Cooperative Program


I believe in the Cooperative Program because we can do more together than we can do alone. It costs on average $52,000 per year to support one missionary on a foreign field. At that rate, most churches could not support even one. But, through the Cooperative Program, our churches support over 4,800 international missionaries, almost 2,500 North American missionaries, six world-class seminaries, and a number of agencies and institutions. Truly, the Cooperative Program empowers us to do more together than we could ever do alone!

Garth Forster, pastor
First Baptist Church, Barnesville



I believe in the CP because it allows our church to be involved in Christian education, training, church planting, missions at home and abroad. It allows each church member to practice the Great Commission. From missionary guest houses in west Africa to inner city ministries in Georgia the CP is the avenue God blesses to reach His world for Jesus.

Paul Medley, pastor
First Baptist Church, Bainbridge



I believe in the Cooperative Program because it allows Toms Creek to do ministry all over the world, and at the same time minister right here in Martin. The Cooperative Program gives Toms Creek the ability to help other churches throughout the state that may not have the resources of a larger church. The Cooperative Program also allows our missionaries to serve in the field without worry or fear of their support being cut due to a pastor leaving an individual church or a single church deciding to cut their budget. It allows our missionaries the stability and focus they need to work in their ministry field with accountability and support from the churches back home. It allows Toms Creek the ability to fulfill our call to carry out the Great Commission.

Wayne Marcus, pastor
Toms Creek Baptist Church, Martin