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Paul Baxter

Question: How do we answer murderous Muslims?

Answer: After the vicious attacks on Christians by Islamic terrorists in the Sudan, northern Nigeria, Egypt, Lebanon, and most recently the threatened genocide in Iraq, I must confess that I “feel” like volunteering for a Holy Crusade against these “unholy” jihads. Of course, I remind myself that as Christians we follow the Prince of Peace, not a “war-lord” successor (caliph) to Muhammad.

How do we answer these “Murderous Muslims” who not only behead children and crucify their victims, but hide behind women and children when counterattacked?

We shouldn’t be surprised at what we are seeing – not only because of 9/11 but also because of what we read in the Koran. In Sura 5, the last chapter written by Muhammad, there is this warning: “Those who do not submit to Allah, their punishment is … execution or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet, from the opposite sides, or exile from the land.”

We as Christians must not wage unholy jihads. We may, however, believe in what Augustine called a “just war” which the Israelites have been fighting against those out to destroy them and their ancient-but-reborn nation!

I am proud of the Israelites’ effort to avoid harming non-terrorists – even though it is incredibly difficult when terrorists store weapons in UN schools, fire rockets, and build tunnels of terror in the midst of population centers. We too must answer terror with restrained measures within the framework of a “just war.”


Standing up

Let us pray that every effort be made not only to help the hurting but to stop the terrorists. Let us pray that our leaders will follow the victorious example of Winston Churchill who spoke out and stood up against Nazis Terror rather than the futile example of Neville Chamberlain who tried to appease evil with gracious weakness.

Radical Islam not only has, like the Nazis, harnessed the use of terror in its jihad against infidels, but it has also drawn upon the example of Nazis propagandist Paul Joseph Goebells. Radical Islamists are adept at painting their enemies as devils, adroitly using deceitful lies that pervade their schools and mosques. Many radicalized Muslims have been raised on a diet of hate filled with outrageous lies such as the ludicrous and malicious tale of Jews using the blood of killed Muslims and Christians in their Passover matzos. We must do our best to counter such lies and misinformation.

We must raise the consciousness of our nation about the evils of Radical Islam ...

We must raise the consciousness of our nation about the evils of Radical Islam. Let’s ask about Islamic “jihads” and “genocides.” Let’s ask why the Pope called for a crusade? Was not his call in response to the ISIS-like sweep of Muslim armies throughout the Middle East, which were threatening the shrinking Byzantine Empire?

What happened to the people of Constantinople when the Islamic Turks finally conquered the capital of this once “Christian” empire? Who were the Janissaries who fought and killed much like ISIS? Were they not the children of Christians living in the Ottoman Empire who were taken from their parents and raised as fanatic, ISIS-like warriors? What happened to Khartoum when a “Mahdi” led, ISIS-like group took the city after an almost a year-long siege defended by a Christian general named Chinese Gordon?

What about the almost two million Armenians who were massacred by the Turks in the early part of the twentieth century? What about today’s well-publicized campaign by the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS to eradicate Jews and Christians from their midst which has direct and incontrovertible links to Adolph Hitler’s attack on Jews and Christians?

We answer “Murderous Muslims” with honest questions, which hopefully reveal the truth about who they are and what they are seeking to do.


Paul Baxter serves as pastor of First Baptist Church on the Square in LaGrange.