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The Open Door


There are many reasons to attend the annual meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention on November 10-11. I would love to mention a few and hope that you will take them to heart and join us for REVIVE 2014.

First, I want to express appreciation for Dr. Tim McCoy and the outstanding staff of Ingleside Baptist Church in Macon. They will be hosting REVIVE 2014, and they simply could not have been more eager to please throughout the numerous meetings of the planning for the annual meeting.

The church facilities are excellent for a convention meeting. You will be delighted and comfortable in the beautiful surroundings at Ingleside. The church is going out of their way in a big way to make this the finest annual convention meeting ever, and we appreciate it so much.

Another factor that should draw Georgia Baptists to Ingleside in Macon is the networking that takes place as together we engage in plans to increase effectiveness of ministry throughout Georgia. You will fellowship with a lot of people you know and you will meet new people who will become friends, some of whom you may be close to for the rest of your ministry and life.

The exhibit area and hallways are usually among the most popular places during convention meetings as folks enjoy getting together for fellowship and conversation. We have plans to enhance that reality this year with our coffee shop talks on themes of great interest among our church leaders. I hope you will take advantage of this first-time-ever event at our convention. There will be several live, and in-person, chat sessions.

As always there will be outstanding preaching and music to bless and inspire. You read in the previous Index issue about Keith and Kristyn Getty being with us on Monday evening. Frankly, if you didnít come to the convention meeting for any other reason, I would understand your coming to hear Keith and Kristyn.

God has uniquely gifted this wonderful couple with the ability to compose and perform worship music that ignites the heart for Christ. My favorite is ďIn Christ Alone,Ē which God has used to bless millions around the world. The theology of the Gettysí hymns has blessed me deeply. You will be lifted by the music of others as well, including Freedom Sound and the Jubal Chorus.

You will be challenged by the messages you hear and stirred to deeper commitment and action for the Kingdom of God.

Some of the finest preachers anywhere in the world today are right here in Georgia. You will be challenged by the messages you hear and stirred to deeper commitment and action for the Kingdom of God.

Another great reason for attending REVIVE 2014 is the multiple reports you will hear from our multi-faceted ministries throughout Georgia. You will hear personally from our college presidents. I have never been more excited about what God is doing through our schools than I am right now.

God is at work at Brewton-Parker, Truett-McConnell and Shorter, and you need to hear the latest. It will lead you to encourage your students to go to one of our Georgia Baptist colleges. You will also hear from our benevolent ministries, our foundations and, of course, the always highly entertaining report of The Christian Index!

Dr. Don Hattaway is doing a wonderful job as president of our convention. If I didnít come for the fellowship, didnít come for the delightful surroundings, didnít come for the inspiring music, didnít come for the challenging messages, and didnít come for the informative reports, I would want to come to support and pray for our president as he provides leadership for REVIVE 2014. Please pray for Dr. Hattaway and for his family as we move towards and through the convention. Pray that God will give him wisdom as well as a deep sense of joy as he presides over the annual meeting.

I could certainly go on and name more reasons to attend REVIVE 2014. Suffice it to say that the best way to discover all the reasons you should attend is to be present and experience the event.