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Please pray, says Liberian pastor


Greetings in Jesusí Name:

As Liberia battles against what seems to be the worst virus outbreak in the history of the world, I want you folks at GBC to please pray for Liberia.

Right now, the Ebola virus has killed 2,300 people in Liberia alone, and 96 of our health workers have died. Since July 2014, all of our schools have been closed, some businesses shut down, hospitals closed, and our economy is taking a downward trend.

As the Georgia Baptist Convention had been our strong partner over the decades, I wish to share with you whatís happening to Liberia again!

Thanks for your prayers

John Toegbaye, pastor
First Baptist Church
Paynesville, Liberia


Pastor Toegbaye was featured in a story on page 3 of the Oct. 16 issue of The Index.