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Issue Date: 2007-07-05
Volume: 186
Number: 14


India and the United States: Culture, values, business impacting one another

Mujibar Sirijul* sat at his desk and listened to the Americans speak of their language, culture, and faith. Like many of his classmates, he plans on moving to the United States someday, bringing with him his own culture, including his faith as a devout Hindu.
Atlanta Pride weekend a part of nationwide festivities
From June 22-24, revelers in the 37th annual Atlanta Pride Festival made sure the event kept its renown as one of the biggest and most attended in the country.
Man takes up his cross and follows Jesus cross-country

“Cross Carrier Chuck” was last seen making his way across central Pennsylvania on his seven-year trek across the country, carrying a 10-foot cross and surviving on the kindness of strangers while spreading the good word.
Georgia Baptist Jim Cool recalls years with Secret Service

As president of the United States, George W. Bush never goes anywhere alone. His wife Laura, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, or some cabinet members may accompany him, but there is also always about him a phalanx of men and women who refuse to let him get out of their sight. His movements are constantly being observed, monitored, scrutinized, and protected by a cadre of alert, well-groomed, well-trained individuals known as Secret Service agents.
Former Home Mission Board President Bill Tanner dies at 77
William G. “Bill” Tanner, who served as president of the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board from 1977-86 and in multiple leadership roles throughout the Southern Baptist Convention, died June 10 in Belton, Texas. He was 77.
Lawrenceville minister grateful for Seminary’s flexibility
Luther Rice Seminary founder dead at 100

In 1992 Rodney Massey felt the call to ministry, but his position in life seemingly stood in the way of the needed theological training.
Georgia Baptists receive degrees at Southern Seminary's spring commencement
Three Georgia Baptists omitted from the list provided in the June 21 issue of The Index also took part in graduation ceremonies for Southern Seminary May 18.
Making connections in Midtown Atlanta

“I think I’m going to cry,” exclaimed Gladys, her hand covering her mouth in surprise. Moments earlier, she had been relaxing at the swimming pool of her apartment community on the scorching Saturday afternoon. Then, hearing her name called, Gladys quickly rushed to the pavilion where food and drink had been served and live music had been performed all afternoon. A young man, dressed in a tropical shirt, shorts, and sandals, smiled as he presented Gladys a voucher for $500 off one month’s rent.
For some joggers, running nurtures body & soul

Like many runners, Charles P. Henderson of New York City runs to shed pounds and stay fit. He isn’t trying to set any records.
Georgia pastors learn to live In His Grip

Scott Lehman has always been passionate about golf, beginning at age 8 with a shortened 7-iron golf club on a backyard course marked by six buried clay flowerpots.
Rockridge Assembly celebrates 50 years

Philip McClung needed a summer job, so he jumped at the chance to head for Rockridge Baptist Assembly in Franklin. It wasn’t an easy job for a college student.
National missions event to encourage girls to discover their world and purpose

Four days of worship, interactive conferences, missions opportunities, and concerts are in store for the more than 6,000 girls expected to attend Blume, an event sponsored by National WMU geared to challenge attendees to live out their God-given purpose.
Small Christian retailers losing out to chains, the Internet

David may have defeated Goliath, but in the battle between independent Christian bookstores and retail giants, it’s the little guy who’s losing.
Georgia summer missionaries have brush with California fires

Georgia Baptist summer missionaries Shannon Moon and Hattie Burchardt may be able to add disaster relief assistance to their summer experience if they are needed in the wake of last week’s fires near this northern California resort community.
Louisiana school board a target of second religion suit
For the second time in as many months, a parent has launched a federal lawsuit against the Tangipahoa School Board over religion, this time objecting to a teacher-led prayer delivered at a high school graduation ceremony.
Religion, Elizabeth Edwards make 'gay pride' headlines
“Gay pride,” it seems, got a dose of religion on Sunday, June 24. And some media were quick to put it into headlines.
Marriages strengthened via retreat, adventure
First Folkston, Cornerstone members rapel into fun for couples

LifeWay Ridgecrest Conference Center’s sprawling wooded campus in the Blue Ridge Mountains is idyllic for contemplative, prayerful walks – and it makes great camouflage to ambush your spouse in laser tag.

Georgia Newsbriefs


Baptist News Summary

Seminary Extension gets new director
Randal A. Williams has been named director of Seminary Extension, succeeding William Vinson, who retired May 1 after leading the Southern Baptist education entity six years.
Koreans aim for 1,000 missionaries
An intense focus on “Empowering the church to be on mission” marked the 26th annual meeting of the Council of Korean Southern Baptist Churches in America.
McKissic resigns as seminary trustee
Dwight McKissic has resigned from the trustee board of Southwestern Seminary, citing “too much mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual energy” spent on his role in a conflict over speaking in tongues and private prayer language at the seminary in the past year.
Three who died in Charleston fire had ties to Southern Baptist churches
At least three of the nine Charleston firefighters killed June 18 in a furniture store blaze were connected with Southern Baptist churches in the area.
Louisiana convention, company help churches guard against predators
The Louisiana Baptist Convention has begun offering its churches the services of a Texas-based company as a way to combat child sexual predators.
Montana Baptists seek strategist to promote missions among laity
As the Montana Southern Baptist Convention increasingly contributes to God’s work in the West, its members are seeking a new leader to serve as their executive director-treasurer.
SBCV preparing for Virginia Tech's fall term with care kits for students
“College Care Kits” with pens, granola bars, laundry detergent, and other items will be among the helps awaiting Virginia Tech students when they return for the fall semester.

Religious Newsbriefs

Atheists think 'radical Christianity' a threat
More than half of atheists and agnostics think “radical Christianity” is just as threatening in the United States as “radical Islam,” according to a new study.
Hindus eye Canadian rivers for scattering of ashes; prompts review by government
Ontario’s growing Hindu community is eyeing several rivers for the religious disposal of cremated remains – possibly including one that flows into Niagara Falls.
Violence flares around secretive Kenyan sect
The murders, beheadings, and minibus burnings that have become almost routine in Nairobi’s slums flared in recent days as a semi-religious sect renewed its efforts to create anarchy and overthrow the government.
Vietnam approves printing of 100,000 Bibles
The government of Vietnam has approved the printing of 100,000 Bibles, an “unprecedented” development in a country known for years as one of the world’s worst persecutors of Christians.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

A Handful of Hope

They look like poker chips, but John didn’t end up with a handful of multi-colored plastic circles because he rolled the dice or turned a card. He earned them one day at a time.

Bible Study

Sharing Christ With All People

Acts 10:1-48
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, July 15
Sharing Christ in All Places


Son seeks parent's advice on pending engagement

I have a secret

I didn’t get all excited when the new millennium dawned at 12:00:01 on Jan. 1, 2000. Many people expected some cataclysmic event to occur at the stroke of midnight on the last day of 1999. There were predictions of everything from a cyberspace meltdown to the rapture of the church.
Ministers and/or Wives Wellness Retreat

A ministry to ministers/wives not having the opportunity of obtaining a health screening and/or physical.
The Open Door

You have an outstanding opportunity to impact Senior Adult ministry in the Georgia Baptist Convention this July. The third Sunday in July is set aside for “Senior Adult Ministries Day.” This day has been reserved among our Georgia Baptist churches for the purpose of celebrating our senior adults.


Sister church needs ministry

On March 1, a tornado went through our small town and caused $100,000 damage to our church, educational facilities, and pastorium. Nothing has been the same since. We are steadily cleaning up and rebuilding.
No CEO in seminary

Having read Brother Wilson’s degradation of Southern Seminary and Dr. Mohler I felt it necessary, as a recent Southern graduate, to correct some of his mistaken ideas. The lack of exegetical preaching in SBC churches is not in fact a reflection of the seminaries today, but rather the seminaries as they were prior to the resurgence. In fact, it is not acceptable to preach a topical sermon in the preaching classes at Southern.
Victim of a tongue-lashing

The Biblical gift of tongues was the supernatural God given ability to speak a foreign language that was previously unknown to that person. The Bible tells us in 1 Cor. 13 that we know in part and prophesy in part, but when that which is picture is come, then that which is part (knowledge and prophesy) shall be done away. Notice, it doesn’t say tongues will be done away with when the perfect is come, only knowledge and prophesy, so the debate over what the “perfect” is has no bearing on tongues. We’re simply told that tongues will cease which they had by the end of the apostolic era. There is no mention in the Bible of them ever starting up again.
Debt free churches

To modify a quote from Dave Ramsey, “What could the churches of God do for the kingdom of God, if it they were debt free?”
New York City program would pay for good behavior
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, amid rumors of a possible third-party run for the presidency in 2008, unveiled a plan June 18 that will pay some of the city’s poorest residents for such things as visiting the dentist, holding down a job, and making sure their kids are in school.